Tuesday, October 20, 2009

You can use your heart anywhere ....everwhere !

I burst out laughing when I pass today through our basement car parking and saw this little creature on the cabinet our gatekeeper used to safe the keys of the every appratment cars.

Its really funny...why?

That was suppose to be the trash and I just throw it in the dustbin when I was cleaning my niece room few days ago.

As I was expecting her with me in few days. She used to play with it when she first came to Pakistan and I was un married and used to live with my mom in our little appratment.

Anyhow, I want to give her at least a bedroom may be coming here could be a shock to her and may be she would need a little sapce where she can think or at least sleep tight.

Although my other sister was also coming with her two daughters but I was only thinking about Sidrah. I know how sensitive she is.

So I decided to give her a seprate room and had to throw so many things just to make space for her new bed and a little writing table as she is also likes to write alot.

And there than I throw all those small childrens toys which my mother still wanted to keep them as treasure.

That was the only chance to get rid of all those long kept useless things.We always keep things having in mind to use them again but infact we never do.

We find something better than that or may be couldnt find those things on time and then has to buy new one.

I told my mother that her grand sons and daughters always bring their own toys and never needed any of these old toys so why keep them to fill the spaces.

Even than when I was trowing all those old things from little room my mother was trying to show her self busy in TASBIH....but she continuosly kept an eye on trash bin.hmm...someone than picked up this toy from our trash bin which become a big card box and was lifted down by two people we hire to bring new bed and a writing table....and fill it up with air and put it on the most ugly rack in our building and try to give us all a lighter view of our basement.

I am since than thinking about that person. Who that could be ? Who got the eyes to see and picked up something...like this TRASH.... no....TOY( something which used to make someone happy....a thing which can bring smile to a child and a thing which can be so fragile yet has make so impresive output that every chaild want to have it).

I was thinking to my self since than that creativity can happen anywhere and everywhere.

You can use your heart anywhere and everywhere. You can make a ugly space beautiful by just using your creativity or your heart.

The sight was very delightful and it sure make my day.

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