Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Sat silently on prayer rug.

Mind going at its usual fast pace.


Trying to focus and pray while the background thoughts raced by.

Sit....I commanded myself...hmm....frustrated.

Just sit still and pray.

I grinned at myself....noticing that my admonition sounded like I was talking to a dog.

As humbling as it was to compare myself to a dog....I realized dogs have some very admirable qualities.

a)They love unconditionally.
b)They obey promptly (most of the time).
c)They keep their eyes on their master.
d)And they love to sit at his or her feet.

Maybe sometimes I need one-word commands like a dog.

Simple cue words to remind me of my priorities.


Put aside the need to do....and just be.
Pause throughout the day.
Rest in the Maker’s presence.
Let His grace fill your heart to overflowing....replenishing your strength for the remainder of the day.


No one is greater than my Master.
Humble yourself.
Follow His example of serving others in love and humility.


Stop trying to figure out your future.
Stay in the present moment.
Look for the opportunities God sends each day for you to follow Him one day at a time.
Stay by His side.
Don’t try to run ahead.

What simple yet profound lessons for me!

Dear Allah up above....

Please help me to keep my eyes on You.
Make me eager to please you and prompt in obeying You.
And help me to learn to sit contentedly at Your feet.

Amen !

Monday, May 16, 2011

Time is Life : Life is Time

Adam get caught because of his strive to get free from time.

To be free from time was not a crime....hmmm.... he took was prohibited.

When my MAKER made Adam....HE restricted him within time. So time limits life.

We age...the passing of day and night...the change we feel in the all time.

Time is power...time has the to get away from get free from time without doing prohibited stuff?

I think...through our DREAM....hmm...we can get away from time. Dream is the only medium where time has no power.

We have some power on our brain when we are awake and we use it ...remembering ...thinking or making decisions.

While we sleep....we loose all the power we have on our brain. Our brain works itself and we totally unaware of the stuff it do for us or against us.

But while we sleep....we dream...and dreams are strange...sometimes they took us new places...which we have never seen but in our dreams we know those places like home...sometimes...we meet new people...sometimes we are in our past...sometimes...I believe dream take us to our future...hmmm.....but there language are different....sometimes we understand sometimes we totally misunderstand them....

So....God make sleep to give us the way to be free from time. Though we are aging but we have all these hours where we can do million of stuff in single hour or even minute.

All we have to do is to know how to use our brain to dream and what to dream.

Now...most of us...may feel sometimes...that whatever is going through our eyes has already been passed before us.

We sometimes recognize it and exclaimed on how we are seeing or going through the same period of time again.

It's all our brain working while we were sleeping. The dream took us beyond time and we see whatever lies ahead in time.

If we know how to use dream we can use our sleep to go in our future (where dream has no boundries...timeles medium so we can travel...only if we know how to...) and make the changes...or amendments.

So when we come back to time...which means when we wake up...we have the..TIME...working for us.

Now the million dollar qustion is:

How we can use our brain when we sleep?

(...hmm....inspired from Javidnama by Sir Muhammad Iqbal)