Sunday, May 23, 2010

World within Me !

"...I may not be able to change the world
I see around me....
I can change the way I see the world..
..within me."

During the conflict of facebook I talked not to so much but few colleagues and found them incredibly unaware of the severity of the issue.

They shut me up by talking about "Freedom of Speech" and "Liberal act".

Once or twice I did think about it in my heart but than again that anger grow out of me from no where but I am definite it was deep in my heart.

This issue is bigger than so called Freedom of Speech and Liberalism.

This issue is bigger than us and our so called community in which we find pleasures and have freedom to meet anyone anytime.

It is not because I am showing off or over reacting or exaggerating the issue.

For God sake...we can't even think about drawing the picture of Muhammad (pbuh) and people are asking us to draw his (pbuh) cartoons?

I have decided to quit facebook as soon as Pakistan take back the ban from it. Though I can access it from my office but I want to do it when it has no ban on it at all.

Besides all its breaching of personal information and giving away the personal names or addresses to the advertisement companies...

I am quite firmed about deleting my account and I want to mark it on account of their failure of providing us (Muslim) the security and facilities to participate in the community without the danger of being attacked on our faith or believes.

It is advised by Allah as well to quit the company of those who don't talk nicely with you or taunt you on your faith even if they are your friends or family.

People might think of me as fanatic or hypocrite but I will let them cause I dam care what they think because I know they don't have time to think about me at all.

Talking about Migration of Muslims from Mecca to Medina or Migration of Muslims from India to Pakistan.

I think we are on same state and our turn has come to decide whether to remain where we get birth or have our childhood memories or to left the place to find new place where I may find better options to fulfill my needs and carry on with my beliefs easily and with freedom.

I know its quite a difficult position....cause I have been through this situation for few times in my life.

When my father has to leave one place to other because of his postings from one city to other in job. We had to pack up and to leaving so many things behind sometimes made me so sad. We couldn't make friends easily because we didn't know how much time we going to spend at one place and thus was afraid to make any strong relationship with any stranger.

So most of the time I remain stranger to so many girls in the class and to teachers. I never collected so many things because most of the time my mother has to leave things behind cause of the heavy weight of suit cases.

But now I think that situation was much better as we already knew that sooner or later we had to go.

What about those who didn't know about leaving and suddenly - they have to.

And most hateful part is that you want to migrate because of anger or threat either of your life or your faith....hmm...means they didn't have any choice.

They travelled long way on the red hot sand with no water and tree in sight. They travelled without money or food with them.

Most of them were poor and nobody has promised them for the good future where ever they were going but they continued...what was the force driving them was the love of their beloved (pbuh).

Most of them were weak and illiterate and they always listen to what their heart has to say to them...they always let their heart talk to them...they never shut their ears from their heart and thus their heart demanded to leave the place where they cant find peace and freedom.

They found peace in taking Allah name and talking about HIM. They find peace standing behind or besides HIS messenger(pbuh).

They first time taste love and care from SOMEONE who had been always upon them but they never tried to see or seek.

Allah has granted them the art of reasoning of facts and figures but they didn't tried that art before. They had forget and don't know how to revive whatever they had forgotten.

Messenger(pbuh) bring their memory back to them. And they understands the reasons of being lowest of low.

Messenger (pbuh) told them how to praise and make ALLAH happy.

Did he (pbuh) asked anything in return? Did he ever commanded or asked for any favour? His(pbuh) shyness and humility made him (pbuh) more famous and everyone come closer to him (pbuh) once came in contact.

What give them surety that if they leave their birth place and went to where their beloved(pbuh) gone would be the good decision?

No one ! But they continued...why because they loved him (pbuh).

And thus the love of (pbuh) brought peace and tranquility to muslims of Medina and migrants of Mecca.

I am not sure how I am gonna relate my leaving "facebook", as I don't have anywhere else to go. It is like I am out of sphere of world and now I am out of gravity. It is up to the space now where it took me and what planet it land me.

But I am not afraid cause 1) I am doing it cause of my faith and beliefs; 2) I respect my beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and don't want any company where I may find people making fun of him (pbuh); 3) My heart told me to do so...

hmm... So I am quiting facebook :

Muhammad (pbuh) - the Greatest !

If greatness of purpose,
smallness of means
and astounding results

are the three criteria of human genius, who could dare to compare any great man in modern history with Muhammad (pbuh) ?

The most famous men created arms, laws and empires only. They founded, if anything at all, no more than material powers which often crumbled away before their eyes.

This man Muhammad (pbuh) moved not only armies, legislation, empires, peoples and dynasties, but millions of men; and more than that the altars, the gods, the religions, the ideas, the beliefs and the souls.

On the basis of a Book, every letter of which has become law, he (pbuh) created a spiritual nationality which blended together peoples of every tongue and of every race...

The idea of the unity of God, proclaimed amidst the exhaustion of fabulous theologies, was in itself such a miracle that upon its utterance from his(pbuh) lips it destroyed all the ancient superstitions....

His(pbuh) endless prayers, his(pbuh) mystic conversations with God, his(pbuh) death and his (pbuh) triumph after death: all these attest not to an imposture but to a firm conviction which gave him(pbuh) the power to restore a dogma.

This dogma was twofold, the unity of God and the immateriality of God; the former telling what God is, the latter telling what God is not...

...."Philosopher, Orator, Apostle, Legislator, Warrior, Conqueror of Ideas, Restorer of rational beliefs, of a cult without images; the founder of twenty terrestrial empires and of one spiritual empire, that is Muhammad (pbuh).

As regardless all standards by which human greatness may be measures, we may well ask, is there any man greater than he(pbuh) ?

(Lamartine, Historie de la Turquie, Paris 1854, Vol II pp. 276 - 277)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sacrificed to Crucified

Cat: No…No…Please...No…not me but consider my little children…how I am going to feed them?

Office Manager: Sorry…you are not allowed to stay here. You don’t have any rights on this property. I am sorry that you have to leave.

Office Manager to Janitorial Staff: Take this cat and throw her far far away.

Cat: Ok…throw me but keep my children…they are so precious and small. They need a place…a safe place where they can grow without fear of other big cats bullying them.

Office Manager: (Assertive) Sorry…you and your children are not welcome here. You have to go.

Office Manager to her other colleague: Besides this cat is a street cat…she don’t have any race to be proud of…she don’t belong to any rich family…she don’t have any back ground…why would we keep her…she is not beneficial to us anyway.

So the cat was thrown out from office with her four little children.

I think a little history about CAT would be useful here:

When that cat tried to jump on my lunch box first time…it annoyed me too. I was annoyed and scared and decided to report her attack-key behaviour to our Office Manager.

But than...something happened, she again may be literally snatched bone or a piece of chicken from some of the staff member having lunch in the cafeteria and it stamped her fate.

Since cats have good memory about the places and their ways, the poor cat and her children were thrown out in a big black plastic bag.

No body heard about them for few weeks…all staff came back to routine and none of the staff seems to remember or tried to remember…one poor…unfortunate…less privileged animal who was living quietly and un-noticed between them.

Hmm…I think about it a lot after that…we talked about all kind of RIGHTS…and also our DUTIES…we talk about…toleration… patience… acceptance… equal opportunity…but all these terms are related to human beings only.

Yes! Humans are more intelligent and social than any other being and due to their enhanced capabilities they think of themselves the most rightful creature to rule the planet.

But I always believe that there is one more thing or behaviour which gives us total rights over any property or place or even human.

And this behaviour or action is called….SACRIFICE.

For Example: we have social understanding that Parent has rights on their children because they sacrificed their life’s precious time on their children.

We believe that we have total rights on Pakistan because; a) we get birth here and; b) our parents or our grand parents has sacrificed their lives…homes…detached from relationships to own a country like beloved PAKISTAN.

So…sacrifices does it all…decides your fate and future.

Finally or fatefully…Cat came back. And you will be surprised to know what she sacrificed for her home…(our office)…her little four children.

After few days of holidays when I joined office again my colleagues told me that cat has came back and joked about the whole issue. Cruelly nobody talked about her children and couldn’t notice the sadness in her eyes.

All they care about themselves…they made sure that cat would behave and will not snatch or try to snatch anything form their lunch. They do know how to share but they only share with humans…not with some animals.

However, sacrifices have altered her stature. She became dull and thin. She doesn’t care much about food as well…because she has no one to feed anymore.

May be some of the time sitting alone during the hot afternoon in the open cafeteria she might have thought about her children.

She would have think about herself as an infidel who left her children just to have a safer place. She left someone dear to her just to find peace and solitude. She took a daring step and she knew that there would be no going back.

But after all she is just a cat…an animal…who we human believe have no emotions…so we put this question aside….but one question keeps lingering in my brain….

hmmm….does those sacrifices worth it?

By the way: At least 18 people were killed in a fresh wave of ethnic and political killings across Karachi on Wednesday, 19 May 2010.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

When you say nothing at all !

Waiting for the week to end each night, I wonder how I ever went to sleep at night...every night thinking about what to say or asked in Saturdays' session.

It wasn't that long ago when we didn't talk or met but once every week and I cherish his gathering all the more now.

"You say it best when you say nothing at all..." the song sung by Alison Krauss is one of my favorites.

Which probably explains a bit of of few people these days who don’t talk about what they are missing from their life to every one....over and over again...though....missing something does persists..hmmm

And it's even harder when I know that this is out of his control as well.

Joining in the conversation with Komal...we both agreed that we love to see each other (litte family of RR) on Saturdays.

As Komal put is our entertainment to listen to him even for three hour once in a week is a treat.

And sometimes...extra treat when we (or any family member) wrote to each other through email or connect via mobile.

And as I was talking to my beloved husband that "those quite moments (sessions) are the ones in which I am so excited to be with all of them that I am thinking only of that, and not what to say or ask next.

And sometimes I forget that those sessions are for three hours only and once over I can't asked any questions....hmmm...I always put forward my query at the closing moment..somehow tried to prolong the session...though never succeeded."

So SOIS sessions are in jeopardy because of official holidays on Saturdays....we...the RR family didn’t met each other for about three weeks...and I kind a miss all of my family and especially....his lectures...which are..the most missed part.