Thursday, May 20, 2010

Sacrificed to Crucified

Cat: No…No…Please...No…not me but consider my little children…how I am going to feed them?

Office Manager: Sorry…you are not allowed to stay here. You don’t have any rights on this property. I am sorry that you have to leave.

Office Manager to Janitorial Staff: Take this cat and throw her far far away.

Cat: Ok…throw me but keep my children…they are so precious and small. They need a place…a safe place where they can grow without fear of other big cats bullying them.

Office Manager: (Assertive) Sorry…you and your children are not welcome here. You have to go.

Office Manager to her other colleague: Besides this cat is a street cat…she don’t have any race to be proud of…she don’t belong to any rich family…she don’t have any back ground…why would we keep her…she is not beneficial to us anyway.

So the cat was thrown out from office with her four little children.

I think a little history about CAT would be useful here:

When that cat tried to jump on my lunch box first time…it annoyed me too. I was annoyed and scared and decided to report her attack-key behaviour to our Office Manager.

But than...something happened, she again may be literally snatched bone or a piece of chicken from some of the staff member having lunch in the cafeteria and it stamped her fate.

Since cats have good memory about the places and their ways, the poor cat and her children were thrown out in a big black plastic bag.

No body heard about them for few weeks…all staff came back to routine and none of the staff seems to remember or tried to remember…one poor…unfortunate…less privileged animal who was living quietly and un-noticed between them.

Hmm…I think about it a lot after that…we talked about all kind of RIGHTS…and also our DUTIES…we talk about…toleration… patience… acceptance… equal opportunity…but all these terms are related to human beings only.

Yes! Humans are more intelligent and social than any other being and due to their enhanced capabilities they think of themselves the most rightful creature to rule the planet.

But I always believe that there is one more thing or behaviour which gives us total rights over any property or place or even human.

And this behaviour or action is called….SACRIFICE.

For Example: we have social understanding that Parent has rights on their children because they sacrificed their life’s precious time on their children.

We believe that we have total rights on Pakistan because; a) we get birth here and; b) our parents or our grand parents has sacrificed their lives…homes…detached from relationships to own a country like beloved PAKISTAN.

So…sacrifices does it all…decides your fate and future.

Finally or fatefully…Cat came back. And you will be surprised to know what she sacrificed for her home…(our office)…her little four children.

After few days of holidays when I joined office again my colleagues told me that cat has came back and joked about the whole issue. Cruelly nobody talked about her children and couldn’t notice the sadness in her eyes.

All they care about themselves…they made sure that cat would behave and will not snatch or try to snatch anything form their lunch. They do know how to share but they only share with humans…not with some animals.

However, sacrifices have altered her stature. She became dull and thin. She doesn’t care much about food as well…because she has no one to feed anymore.

May be some of the time sitting alone during the hot afternoon in the open cafeteria she might have thought about her children.

She would have think about herself as an infidel who left her children just to have a safer place. She left someone dear to her just to find peace and solitude. She took a daring step and she knew that there would be no going back.

But after all she is just a cat…an animal…who we human believe have no emotions…so we put this question aside….but one question keeps lingering in my brain….

hmmm….does those sacrifices worth it?

By the way: At least 18 people were killed in a fresh wave of ethnic and political killings across Karachi on Wednesday, 19 May 2010.


  1. Thanx always for your depth and empathy and fresh analogies for so many situations and types of existence, dear friend...

  2. This is a sad story of a cat, but this could very well be true of some human beings. We human think that this world and everything therein is for us and we are to decide who gets what. This belief has led us into great misery and even infighting between humans. Every living organism in this biosphere is made to complement each other, the only chance for making the world as place to live and live as an example is in peaceful coexistence with all partners that has been destined by fate. If we think that we human are the major player in this world than don’t forget what the “butterflies’ effect” can do-they can bring tornados’.

    Thinking, this post shows your respect for life in general but specially that life which is weak, poor, needy and destitute. The beauty of your writing lies in detail, you go on analyzing and pointing out one after other aspect, this is just awesome.

    Your craft lies in peeling the point until nothing is left for others to say.

  3. Wow, what an accurate and moving analysis of your craft by Dar Sahib!

  4. Dear Dar Sahib

    Thank you so much for your such lovely description.

    You always have something special to offer and this is I think your craft.

    Thanks again and I am honored.


  5. Dear nice of you to come...

    Besides all your busy schedule you honored me with your time and I am so grateful for you and Dar Sahib to always there to courage me.

    Thanks alot again.