Saturday, May 15, 2010

When you say nothing at all !

Waiting for the week to end each night, I wonder how I ever went to sleep at night...every night thinking about what to say or asked in Saturdays' session.

It wasn't that long ago when we didn't talk or met but once every week and I cherish his gathering all the more now.

"You say it best when you say nothing at all..." the song sung by Alison Krauss is one of my favorites.

Which probably explains a bit of of few people these days who don’t talk about what they are missing from their life to every one....over and over again...though....missing something does persists..hmmm

And it's even harder when I know that this is out of his control as well.

Joining in the conversation with Komal...we both agreed that we love to see each other (litte family of RR) on Saturdays.

As Komal put is our entertainment to listen to him even for three hour once in a week is a treat.

And sometimes...extra treat when we (or any family member) wrote to each other through email or connect via mobile.

And as I was talking to my beloved husband that "those quite moments (sessions) are the ones in which I am so excited to be with all of them that I am thinking only of that, and not what to say or ask next.

And sometimes I forget that those sessions are for three hours only and once over I can't asked any questions....hmmm...I always put forward my query at the closing moment..somehow tried to prolong the session...though never succeeded."

So SOIS sessions are in jeopardy because of official holidays on Saturdays....we...the RR family didn’t met each other for about three weeks...and I kind a miss all of my family and especially....his lectures...which are..the most missed part.



  1. Dear Friend, Plz do find out if there are any lectures on You Tube as I've never seen and heard even one. Nevertheless, I can imagine as I've been told the same by others...

    Yes I am truly happy to hear about both "the family" and the wisdom imparted...indeed. :)

  2. How sad it is that when I was planning to visit SOIS ( Sessions of Incredible Souls) or (Sessions of Incredible Shafique) they are temporarily suspended.

    I can understand what you are missing, the Resource Person of these sessions is an incredible magician of words, who weaves ideas from things looking obscure to us and fabricate that into an amazing piece of novelty. He is always to his merit and always retains his core elements remains in his orbit but all the time one level higher, evolving and progressing.

  3. Thank you so much Thinking, for sharing your feelings and through these reflections ours also.

    I can not say anything more than this that when someone is missing his dose of Love and Passion, his lessons of happiness and joy and his relation to something no one can expect, when his soul is missing the most peaceful thing he has ever found on earth, then it happens that he unconsciously goes into a state of agitation, restlessness and silence like something inside his heart has gone, something very precious without which he can not survive.

    Thanks again............

  4. I am grateful for all that has been posted here, though I do not feel that I deserve most of these words.

    In any case, I am trying to resume Saturday sessions soon, insha Allah, whatever they may be worth :)

  5. Is there yet any way to visit any of these sessions via internet? :)

    Some time back, Dr. Ahmad Safi spoke the comments Dar Sahib has just given here.

  6. Dear Connie...Sorry for late reply...

    Yes...I had think about to safe and upload Shafique Sahib sessions on YouTube lot of time but couldn't get the threads' end...I guess need some expirienced person for that...

    Komal might help me on this matter...while Shafique Sahib is too ostentatious...

    So my dear friend sorry that you have to wait for us to figure out something about it...

    Meanwhile I am giving a link here on which you can see and hear Shafique Sahib in a talk show...his part was not satisfactory in the show and is in Urdu as well...but I think you will at least have a know how about Shafique Sahib style...hmmm...the show called "Brunch with Bushra and its available on YouTube..


    Thank you so much for your intrest in our little RR family.... I am so honored to have you with us.

    Thanks alot for giving me your time and patience.

  7. Dar Sahib...thank you so much for at last think about joining RR family on Saturdays.

    Believe me once you'll come you will stick with a stamp..hmm...

    I am so happy to even think about having you with us in the sessions...

    I will let you know sessions schedule once Shafique Sahib.

    Meanwhile...there is launch ceremony ahead of Shafique Sahib book on Rashid Minhas...would you like to join us there???

    Thank you so much for your little speech about him...he deserve it...though I am instructed to "TONE DOWN MY PRAISE" while I talk about him...

    Thank you so much for coming....I am honored.

  8. Dear wrote great...

    Thanks alot for coming and expressing your choose good words and use them nicely...they really touched me...

    hmmm...thank for your time...I am honored.

  9. Dear Shafique Sahib....

    Thank you Sir for deserve what you read and even more...

    I am happy that you have in your mind about restarting the sessions for which I am desprately waiting...

    Our only way to have you in our company...

    Thanks alot for coming Sir and I really appreciate your efforts...thanks alot. I am honored.

  10. Thanx for the links! :) Also, if no help comes forth from your ideas, consider asking Faraz who may need an occasional invitation until he feels comfortable with his intention to become more a part of community? :)

    I am going to smile one more time because I recognize this in terms of a letter of thanx to official capacity which I was writing.

    I too was "instructed to "TONE DOWN MY PRAISE" and of course, there is no way on earth to take any kind of offense in this case especially and to only learn and try to I too prefer that our brother/friend Dar Sahib do these "little speeches" instead...:)

    Dear - if there were such as reincarnation - we must have been actual sisters in another life? :)

  11. hmm..Dear Connie...such a lovely note...I would have sacrificed anything to have a sister like a good word to dream about... :)

    Well...Faraz is also another good option and soon I will write him to help us out...he used to come to the sessions when I was new...

    I will try my best to bring him back...

    Good to know that you had been "instructed" more thing COMMON in both of us I guess....? :)

    Thanks again.

  12. I rarely use that term and here only as metaphor of course to a kind of link or bonding that is hard to explain...

    Good to know you may try to bring Faraz back because to me he is stating his intention to find his way "back" into the community you have among you there and may need some "excuse" or reason or invitation to follow through...

    Thanx yet only when if you have time as being able to see one of these sessions once in awhile IF everyone approves..will greatly round out my sense that I'm there with you...