Sunday, April 17, 2011

I Love You

Do you say "I Love You" often enough?

What a fabulous question for one to think about...hmmm....

I sat and thought about it myself and knew the answer was "no" even though I would love to have someone saying same to me.

There are many people of whom I love deeply in this world and several in the next.

There is my brothers and my sisters and of course their own children.
Family is paramount to me.

I talked each and every one of them on a regular basis and know that I love them.

But I never say “I love you” when I say goodbye to them.

I guess it has something to do with the fact that I am a bit shy….but what shyness has to do with voicing out my heart?

hmmm…my dad was taken so suddenly and none of us got the chance to say "I love you," before he left.

The person who captured my heart...the man who makes me feel special on a daily basis is of course my beloved husband...the most hardworking....loyal and considerate person I have ever had the pleasure to know.

I love him unconditionally. I trust him completely.

And I do not tell him that I love him often enough.

Whenever I am staying at my mum's...usually once a month...we end our phone conversations with I love you but it isn't often enough.

I could tell him I love him every hour of every day.

But it would still not be enough.

I think no matter how many times we say it...if true love really does can never say "I love you" enough times.

So how about you? Do you say "I love you" often enough?

Or is it just one of those emotions that we automatically take for granted....unaware of how meaningful these three little words really are?

Sunday, April 10, 2011


It always amazes me how books can connect people..hmm...

I know that whenever I meet someone new...a question that is sure to show at least part of our “kindred spirit-ness” is “ you like to read?”.

If the answer is in the affirmative....and the person starts waxing eloquent about their beloved authors and books....I know we’ll definitely have something to talk about for awhile.

And when you discover that another person has the same favorite authors...or the same books that they’ve read and reread over and again....there’s such a kinship found too.

Books can shape so much of a person’s life...and having someone understand....without explanation....why you think a certain way....can be so refreshing.

When you’ve read a book once or many times over...and you connect with it....the phrases and ideas become a part of you.

However....they really can only be entirely understood by a person who has read and connected with the same book.

For me....because I can so completely relate....I think often of what Anne says to Marilla in Anne of Avonlea about “fly[ing] right up on the wings of anticipation” and then crashing “down to earth with a thud”.

hmmm....I too often “fly and then thud”....but only someone who’s read that particular book can completely understand the analogy.

Though those who aren’t bookmaniacs often don’t understand....there truly is a kinship between those who love books.

Those of us who understand the thrill of finding a book you’ve long been searching for.

Those of us who understand that there are certain books that just have to be reread every so often.

Those of us who understand the sigh of utter contentment that inevitably escapes you when you finish a really good book.

We understand each other....and always will.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Good Moan

I love a good moan..hmm....

The satisfaction of getting that niggling…lip curling anger out of my system so that I can carry on with my happy life.

I enjoy airing my views...hmm...

Making others realize that I am not the pushover they often think I am.

I like putting the world to rights.

Suggesting alternative approaches to government thinking…debating whether the country would be better managed by a few members of the general public…that sort of thing.

But something that really rattles my cage is...

a)downright rudeness;

b)bad manners;

c)bare faced cheek.

From time to time...we get holiday makers staying here who do not like Pakistan...cannot stand heat and are totally anti-Pakistan...hmmm....

So why do they come here?

Why choose this country to stretch their angled legs and filled their lungs with fumes? usual...I let one lady rant about the difficulties she is facing since she has landed here…she is trying to buy some property here and she thinks that she has made a big mistake…where I think that why she is taking so much trouble buying anything here…?

But instead of asking her why she is going through all this trouble…I apologized to the woman!

I cannot believe I did that….but there you go...hmmm....I guess I am still a pushover then.

There was another family (in my circle)....the mother of the family told the front of me....not to play with other children because "you don't know where they've been!"

As you can imagine....I was fuming!

My reaction was to walk away....however...I so wanted to ask the mother why she had brought her family to a country where her children will find playmates every corner of the road…she don’t think clean enough to play with?

I know...I know...I know....they lick themselves in orifices we would rather not think about but she could have at least refrained from such rudeness.

And what really gets to me is that those poor children might grow up never to know the wonderful and unconditional love this country and its people can give.

But the most ridiculous comment I have ever heard....made by a holiday maker a few years ago...floored us all.

He came with his partner at Bakr-Eid (Sacrifice Day).

He complained that it had been too bloody for him.

He can’t stand such animal-slaughtering.

The sound of goats...cows and read me right...all day had made him anxious.

His family asked him to pet the animal before the butcher will take the goat for sacrifice and he ran away like he is the goat and butcher will take him instead of goat (may be he looked like one).

His wife told me the whole affair and every one around me tried to console him. Ofcourse the poor lady waited for me to emit some consoling words which never ever came to my lips.

Okay....I guess...thats it....rant over.

Back to work...hmmm.....