Sunday, April 17, 2011

I Love You

Do you say "I Love You" often enough?

What a fabulous question for one to think about...hmmm....

I sat and thought about it myself and knew the answer was "no" even though I would love to have someone saying same to me.

There are many people of whom I love deeply in this world and several in the next.

There is my brothers and my sisters and of course their own children.
Family is paramount to me.

I talked each and every one of them on a regular basis and know that I love them.

But I never say “I love you” when I say goodbye to them.

I guess it has something to do with the fact that I am a bit shy….but what shyness has to do with voicing out my heart?

hmmm…my dad was taken so suddenly and none of us got the chance to say "I love you," before he left.

The person who captured my heart...the man who makes me feel special on a daily basis is of course my beloved husband...the most hardworking....loyal and considerate person I have ever had the pleasure to know.

I love him unconditionally. I trust him completely.

And I do not tell him that I love him often enough.

Whenever I am staying at my mum's...usually once a month...we end our phone conversations with I love you but it isn't often enough.

I could tell him I love him every hour of every day.

But it would still not be enough.

I think no matter how many times we say it...if true love really does can never say "I love you" enough times.

So how about you? Do you say "I love you" often enough?

Or is it just one of those emotions that we automatically take for granted....unaware of how meaningful these three little words really are?


  1. This is a thought provoking question. I say i love you a lot to my wife and kids but wonder if they ever can understand how much I really love them. I think it is because love is such an action that to really say it properly we need to be doing something as well.

  2. Wow, this is one of the most priceless and helpful posts you've made among many such, dear Thinking. And I like Hoyt Sahib's comment as well. Something told me to find the RR family's posts today & I'm so glad I did.

    What consistency you demonstrate in your honest and compelling posta and now let's add that you provide lovely gifts like this to challenge each of us.

  3. Very true. The priceless words are powerful though sometimes we seem to overlook their magic and potential.
    Sometimes it even feels mundane to express something as pure and pristine as love in your words. Love is a complete manifestation in itself that glows, reveals and enlightens your whole being when there is a mutual bond in existence between the souls. But again being humans, wrapped in our own insecurities, and weighed down by our basic need to be 'wanted and longed' this simple priceless expression sometimes becomes so critical.
    Thanks for the reminder :)!

  4. i luv u words need not be can be felt...the vibes can be felt...certain emotions are said better with silence..wahh..kay philosopher ban gaya hoon mei yar...btw..thanks friend..u have been very encouraging..wish u d very best always..

  5. well i am not very much comfortable while saying "I love you" to any one for that matter...
    and i think its always good to show our Love n affection with our actions n reactions and the concern we have for them.

  6. well, i find them quite boring who repeat the same words again and again and when asked how much? they dont have the answer. I mean you should start something new now. what about reading some novels or newspapers at least. Gosh you are so lost.

    by the way...

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  8. A person always saying "I love you" all the time may or may not mean it, we can't guess.

    Similarly a person not uttering these words does not mean that he does not know the importance of these words.

    I just observed these words, "I" and "You" are bridged by the word "Love".

    I think we can compare it with Sir Akhtar's mentioned triangle, where "relationship" between "I" and "You" can be compared to "Love" (

    So yeah! these words are meaningful and powerful. Meaning and power may vary with the relationship.

  9. Every word has its own language, it speaks itself.For me these three words are the most important ones for millions of people as they can change the life of someone in a flash.

  10. you know.. its a good question... i always want people say that to me, but now ive realized i dont say that khud... =S

  11. Lovely post! Many relationships die a silent death simply because we don't care to say these three magic words!

  12. I think , it's needs lot of assurance to use these words I can use these words only for my hubby or kids.....dat too not more often I think you don't have to express you love this way.

  13. That's a though provoking write up. I make it a point to say I Love You. You never know when I will never get to see them again. So, I save myself the regret!

    Thanks for taking part in last week's Friends Meetup Party. It's Thursday again and we have our first Super Blogger of the Week! Come around and join us for this week's linky party as well :)

  14. A smile is enough to convey the message !

  15. hmm....Dear All....

    Thank you so much fro coming and giving me your precious time.

    I am so glad to have you all on my blog.

    So honored to have you all.

    Thanks once again.