Sunday, April 3, 2011

Good Moan

I love a good moan..hmm....

The satisfaction of getting that niggling…lip curling anger out of my system so that I can carry on with my happy life.

I enjoy airing my views...hmm...

Making others realize that I am not the pushover they often think I am.

I like putting the world to rights.

Suggesting alternative approaches to government thinking…debating whether the country would be better managed by a few members of the general public…that sort of thing.

But something that really rattles my cage is...

a)downright rudeness;

b)bad manners;

c)bare faced cheek.

From time to time...we get holiday makers staying here who do not like Pakistan...cannot stand heat and are totally anti-Pakistan...hmmm....

So why do they come here?

Why choose this country to stretch their angled legs and filled their lungs with fumes? usual...I let one lady rant about the difficulties she is facing since she has landed here…she is trying to buy some property here and she thinks that she has made a big mistake…where I think that why she is taking so much trouble buying anything here…?

But instead of asking her why she is going through all this trouble…I apologized to the woman!

I cannot believe I did that….but there you go...hmmm....I guess I am still a pushover then.

There was another family (in my circle)....the mother of the family told the front of me....not to play with other children because "you don't know where they've been!"

As you can imagine....I was fuming!

My reaction was to walk away....however...I so wanted to ask the mother why she had brought her family to a country where her children will find playmates every corner of the road…she don’t think clean enough to play with?

I know...I know...I know....they lick themselves in orifices we would rather not think about but she could have at least refrained from such rudeness.

And what really gets to me is that those poor children might grow up never to know the wonderful and unconditional love this country and its people can give.

But the most ridiculous comment I have ever heard....made by a holiday maker a few years ago...floored us all.

He came with his partner at Bakr-Eid (Sacrifice Day).

He complained that it had been too bloody for him.

He can’t stand such animal-slaughtering.

The sound of goats...cows and read me right...all day had made him anxious.

His family asked him to pet the animal before the butcher will take the goat for sacrifice and he ran away like he is the goat and butcher will take him instead of goat (may be he looked like one).

His wife told me the whole affair and every one around me tried to console him. Ofcourse the poor lady waited for me to emit some consoling words which never ever came to my lips.

Okay....I guess...thats it....rant over.

Back to work...hmmm.....


  1. haha angry young lady...hey thanks ya..i really appreciate yr encourgament n wishes to u always..

  2. HI HR.I left you an award at my blog.

  3. i totally agree with you... nice blog! =)

  4. "I enjoy airing my views.
    I like putting the world to rights."

    and you do all this so very well Thinking!

  5. I guess sometimes the wise thing is to say nothing?

  6. nice..I got an insight things work ...with us as Asians!

  7. hmm....Dear All...thank you so much for coming.

    I am glad that you like the post.

    I am honored by your presence.

    Thanks again.

  8. its just that i am concerned about you. you like to moan and like to feel bad about people around you. why not try to feel good about life and people around you?

    Its easy to feel bad about everyone, you can watch dog the bad habits and believe me you can easily guess them out by only seeing the people no need to apend so much time with them. But this is bad. As we all have bad habits.

    You can judge people by there just telling you about their bad expirience in this country. I find so many faults where I am living since my childhood so whats about that? Would Britain should throw me out.

    Thats why I ask you to have a thorough counceling once with me. BUt you even didn't bother to tell me your age. How you expect me to help you then?

    Again...hmmm....I am concerned about you.

  9. Thinking, please don't bother, she is talking to me and I like her investigational comments and her concern.

  10. Wait until they dub you inhuman and insensitive over obsbserving rituals like animal slaughter and sacrifice.

    Strange complexes we have!

    Life is hard being a Pakistani and a believer for sure.

  11. hmm...Dear formerlydelirious...

    Welcome...and yes..its is hard to be on faith nowadays....

    Thank you so much for cmoing and comment.

    I am honored.