Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Man is the Destiny of Man

When we see a smile on a child's face we also smile, when we see a young man and young lady strolling together and looking each other with admiration and love our eyes also light up and gleam with love. When we see someone young helping out an elderly on a busy road we stop for a moment and feel admiration for the young and respect for the elderly.

When we see someone in pain, our souls are also filled with pathos and sadness and we try to help and cheer up that person. This we all do because we are all connected with each other on this vast matrix of life, where we are one soul but multitude identities, where we have one spirit but multiple desires, where each one of us has his own body but one single desire Love.

Whether we know this or not, but our act for the other person shows that man is the destiny of man.


  1. i dont want to oppose every thing you wrote, but your writing, excuse me, always somehow lead me to a way to argue.

    how can a man be a destiny of another man, when we know that our destiny is not in our hands, we feel the pain even for animals if they are dying we try our best to save them but it does not mean that the animals are the destiny of men???

    Or does it????

    Let me remind you that the man destiny is always get united with the master soul from which it drives out to be a human soul. Man is striving to retunr to where it belongs and there is nothing we care about other man when our final destination is infront of us.

    Any doubts ?

    ohh....and thanks for accepting my offer.

  2. Sharmeela
    Man is the destiny of man in this world and not God, as God is the destiny of all souls. Man is destiny of man because I cannot make any sense in this world if I cannot relate to other human being, my life has no meaning if the other is not there, the other makes my life what it is. You are important to me because in you I see my self, and that is what I say destiny.

  3. Akhtar's point can be understood more if we understand that man is a part of divine, or more clearly, a part of divine which is easily accessible to others. To reach divine, man is the easiest (and might be the only) route one can take.

  4. Thanks Rehan for excellent explanation.

  5. hmm....Dar Sahib...a beautiful post as usuall....

    A few years ago what was man’s destiny?

    Was it to remain bound to the earth or was it to fly into outer space?

    They said: "We can even reach the moon!"

    "Can we or can we not?"

    -"Is it possible?"—

    All these speculations came to an end when man actually landed on the moon. The question was no more there—it had become a fact, a scientific truth.

    So scientifically the destiny of man may be to conquer outer space, land on the Mars or some other planet.

    But what he achieves from this is not known or may be no longer the actuall destiny of man.

    As you said Dar Sahib....

    The actual destiny of man is in humanity...the humanity we all have in our heart which lead us to cry and shed tears or feel uneasy when we see someone in grief...

    Its not about finding the greatest secrets of the world...or asking for true our humanity is there to lead us to where we all will find ourself one way or other....


  6. very well said!
    hope everyone reads it and practice the same!

  7. post a good one,'humanity' we all share in our hearts,though mam is man's destiny only when actions speak louder than words,otherwise dil ko bhalanay kow kahyaal acha hay :)

  8. Our act for the others shows that we are really concerned for caring others, which is expressed by us from time to time in different forms.

    No need to confront on this !!

  9. @ Akhtar:

    What is the meaning of DESTINY? It is the final place from where one need nowhere to go or no desire to go anywhere else. How come man can become man's destiny when man always wanted to get united with divine? Yes you are quite right about humanity as THINKING- aka your other self said, but humanity is an attitude of man. It encourages you to do somehting good in this world. It discourages you to do harm to anyone around you.

    Humanity is part of man and Divine is the destiny of man. I have seen so many people doing harm to other people, think about Hitler for once was he the destiny of man?

    The slaughter of humanity? He can't be, and how if I am doing good all my life, feeling the pain with in my heart for the suffering man around me makes me destiny of other man?

    I really think that you should change this post. Make it the destiny of man is the Divine which suits the better.

  10. hmmm....Dear Sharmeela....

    Dar Sahib is one of the most literary...most enthusiastic and passionate fellow in my acquaintances.

    He has perfected his character with loyalty...and devotion...hmmm….

    I believed one desperately wants such compassionate friend.

    So many times...I desire to develop such personality within me and so many times I failed due to my weaknesses.

    Also...I believed in variety and having one’s own way of seeing things and passing the life.

    I know...I can never be someone else because my Maker has made me this way and I am glad that I am one of my own kind.

    At least somewhere I can say I am UNIQUE.

    This is may be the third time...I read your comment in which you are trying to persuade me to step ahead and say something...which might be rude and no body like to read rude bloggers.

    hmmm...please be noted that I am not Akhtar Waseem Dar...I know him personally and I know he is a very good person...a good friend of mine...but there is no way we two are ONE having dual personalities as your training lead you to the conclude.

    I really like you’re reasoning and literary discussion...though.

  11. Thanks Herman, Daanish and STRANGER for your feedbacks and comments.

    Thanks a lot for an extensive comment and than a clarifying note to Sharmeela.

    What is destiny, is it a station or a an end, I have taken it as a predetermined occurrence of events. Man is the past of man, man is the present of man and man is the future of man, because in man, man finds his real cause been translated. We love other man because, we want being loved. Man's destiny is not to merge with divine that is totally philosophical, man's destiny is to seek divine through all creation and especially through this perfect creation called Man. We experience and discover the sublimed divinity through other people and our evolution as better and better person happens as we share all these experiences with each other. Man remain man only when he stays and remains with man, an isolated man is something else but not man. The first man Adam was only designated as man when eve the companion was created. Man is only man in relationship a relationship and in a companionship.

  12. It made me think and see things from a different perspective. Good one.