Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Precious bags

hmm....if you were to own a set of LV travelling suitcases…its not that I have doubt on your owing a set of LV travelling suitcases…but be honest after spending so much on suit cases would you ever check them in at airport?

I sometimes thought that I would probably wrap them up (if someday I own them) in meters of cling wrap before I send them in through those horrible dirty airport belts.

But then again, it's all relative. If I were rich and can afford LV suitcases, I would probably use it as the 'commoners (like me)' would use their Samsonite or Rimowa!

However...hmm...I have seen many people who are extremely precious about their handbags though. I witness an encounter where this lady had to line the table with handkerchief before putting her handbag on it.

I must admit that I am pretty lousy when it comes to taking care of my bags. I maximise use....throw them around and when they get dirty - wash them...that's why I like cloth bags.

Then again...I don't own anything close to a Birkin Hermes…sigh….

I had a lobby fight once….beloved husband and I were in a hotel lobby where we were waiting for our bus to take us to the air port…

As we both were trying to get settled on a small side table and no one wants to leave anyone so the choice was to let one standing and let the other sitting on the near by sofa....I can continue like this ages but beloved husband's whining....put me into the situation....

hmm...I politely rather heroically went to this table and ask for an empty chair.

The lady there with a smoke in one hand and her face looking away from me said...

'Get the waiter to sort you out - I need this chair for my bag'

To be honest...hmmm....I wasn't psychologically prepared for such a response.

So...in shocked....I told her ' hmm...don’t be naive - this chair is for humans not for your bag'

She ignored me and continues to ask me to get the waiter to sort me out without even turning to look at me.

I could tell her (gutless) male friend was getting embarrassed.

We had a few louder encounters and I finally told her that I thought it was a pity she learnt the English language without picking up proper manners.

The manager did finally sort the chair out but...hmm......

It's really not like she was carrying a super expensive bag and the logic of placing a material good as more important than a fellow human being???....

In addition...I don't understand how when it comes to customer service in Pakistan the fiercest people always win (rules, logic, good manners just won't get you too far)

Well...I got my chair...but without an extra chair for our bags...it all had to be dumped on the floor! 

And....what a 'B$%^&!!!!... It does feel good to really use that term on someone who really deserves it....hmmm....