Thursday, August 30, 2012

Practical Jokes !

The biggest blessings have come from my weakest moments. 

So that’s what I read today so far...quotes like that do alter your mood for few hours but still the feeling linger somewhere behind the scene and once you are alone you start having the same mood overcome you.

Jim Carey in movie ‘Bruce Almighty’ said that our Maker too…sometimes played on us the PRACTICAL JOKES…hmm..although it was delivered when he was having the weakest time of his life….but he changed his perception soon.

And today I just remembered that…because something really funny happens and I instead of mourning starts laughing about it…everyone around me thought that I am out of senses…or as my Manager always said…zada pee le hay kia…?

I am having the weakest moment of my life too nowadays…my mother died suddenly…my organization is closing down our department…soon I will be jobless…I got seriously accused by my elder brother of not letting him his ways with my mother’s property and its making my position awkward with other siblings and relatives..hmm....

While I was so worried about my job and how will I cope with daily and routine expenses once out of income suddenly a ray of hope came into my world…

Organization opens few Officer Level position and I being advised by my Manager enthusiastically applied for it….its been long and I heard nothing about it so when passing on to the Director’s Secretary today I asked her if she knows anything about short listing and when they will announce the lucky one…

She smiled (although now I hate her so much) and said…”ohh…HR…just off the record that you have been selected and most probably you will get the official email tomorrow.”

My Manager was close and she heard it she congratulates me and suddenly everyone got it they start congratulating me and I start showing my humbleness and start pretending the way people do when they achieved something big and they don’t want to be rude…although I have recited their faces in my mind and was desperate to become their officer…and was anxiously waiting for my turn.

Someone said…treat…treat…treat…I asked the office boy to bring some luncheon to the people on my account...and we ate…we merry…we laugh…and I…felt like…"shew…it was close…Thanks God I am back to work again."

At the end of the day when we were closing our systems and were about to leave…the Secretary came running to me and what she said was enough to make me…well…she said that it was a mistake…she got the real selected person name now…the one (colleague) who was not present today and I felt like…what the hell?

What you say? Is this not a kind of JOKE from my MAKER’s part? I mean at this stage or time of my life when everything is going on wrong is it the right time to play such JOKES on me?

Tell me Lord…what I have done to deserve this?


Sunday, August 26, 2012

Wise Man

A wise man once said that if you're fat...hmm...surround yourself with people who are even fatter and you'll look thin by comparison.

This works for people who are any kind of extreme in appearance.

If you're tall....hang out with taller people.
Or if you're short...hang out with smaller people.
Dark skin...light skin...any color skin....really.

If you've got green skin...find a freaking Martian to stand next to....and you'll look less green.

Sounds crazy...right?

But there are times when I want to change my group…hmm...

I want to be what I am not…I really mean it…its like hanging with people who are not like me but I want to look like them and somehow after few days or months I would start looking like them.

It would be like people suddenly forget my past and start taking me as the bunch of people I am hanging with and never ever tells my truth on my face.

Its like changing my blood group…its like changing my whole identity…my name…my face…my appearances and the way I carry my self.

Because TRUTH...especially when it is about YOU…is no fun.

I want to get rid of the days I spend with someone…the time I gave him…the words we spoke and the feelings for which I spent hours of hours to explain to him and he never ever regard them…

I want to change the way I was with him and since than its became my habit….being HUMBLE….being neglected...being ignored…being unwanted…being preset all the time but unseen…that is the way I never was once I was not in his life…

But getting rid of what I really am even if I hang around with different people or not my type of people is impossible.

Everyone...I mean everyone some how see my face and get a que about my past…they start talking about it like they have been actually there watching me run over by him…or they actually have witnessed the incident.

And whenever it happened and it happens often I think of the Wise Man’s wording but does his wording goes with my requirements too?

Perhaps...Wise Man was not that Wise after all..hmm... !

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Noble Task

Dear All... Happy blessed Eid-ul-Fitr Mubarak ! 

Thank to all of you who messaged me...SMS...Email for the blessings.

I am honored to have you and please accept my heartiest mubarak baad for EID.

I remember well my dear late mother always telling me that if you want to do something good for people you don’t even need to venture outside the home. 

She did it by having a house full of goodness and happiness…blessings and love.

I wonder how...she attracted people…my cousins…uncles…aunts and so many relatives to her home while she hardly visit anyone.

She did it by her good self…humble and ready to serve attitude.

She fed them…she advised them…she listened to them…even a phone call was enough to someone lonely somewhere…she kept them all in….she kept them all intact…she kept them all remembered that she is there for them if they want to talk.

Of course...this does not mean that she didn’t ever did good outside her home...but it is amazing to me how true it is that God brought the right to her very doorstep.

Whether it is a friend in need of encouragement...a lonely neighbor...a phone call with someone who just needs to be prayer at that moment...a friend in tears...a young girl who needs to see a home where Happiness is the center… the opportunities are endless.

This morning I read an old poem that I’ve been familiar with since I was a little holds so much more meaning to me.

"Isn’t There a Noble Task? “

There seems to be so little that I can do for Thee, 
Isn’t there a noble task that You would have for me? 
Something that the world may know I’m busy for my King; 
Beside the dull and daily tasks that every new day brings? 
For how can stacks of dishes and piles of dirty clothes, 
Tackled and completed, ever tell YOU grace? 
Or stories, mud and band-aids; read, cleaned up, applied, 
Tell the world, how our Lord can be satisfied? 

“Oh, busy, busy mother, your task is very great. 
I’ve given you eternal souls to teach and educate. 
Not in worldly wisdom, in fame or honor grand, 
But how to love and serve My cause, 
and seek that better land. 

For as you tackle homey tasks with children by your side, 
You have the greatest privilege, within their hearts to hide 
Bits of goodly treasures from My Holy Word, 
Which many mighty men of faith first from their mothers heard.

Oh, busy, busy mother, I need you where you are. 
Your task at hand is very great, you need not travel far. 
Oh love and teach these little souls, 
and help them grow to be Steadfast within the simple faith, 
to be of use to Me.”

Monday, August 13, 2012

Happy Independence Day !

"Our object should be peace within and peace without. We want to live peacefully and maintain cordial and friendly relations with our immediate neighbors and with the world at large. We have no aggressive designs against any one. We stand by the United Nations Charter and will gladly make our full contribution to the peace and prosperity of the world."

(Quaid Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan)

At this day of Independence beloved country…

I pray to Almighty to give us the strength…courage…love…tolerance…and a bit of common sense to become what we are suppose to become when this country was handed over to us.

It is not me…or you…who can out lived the time…we must keep that in mind that one day we will gone…shudder by time into nothing but memory…bitter or sweet is my or your choice.

We must start forgiving…we must act according to our religion and no religion in the world preach to kill or to give burden other religion’s followers unnecessarily…especially Islam is a religion of tolerance and love.

Pakistan… not an emotional outburst…our Independence was well planned…and this sacred mission sacrificed…so many things…name…property…wealth…and more over valuable people.

We need hard labor…we need help…we need love…and we need EACH OTHER…

I love you so much my Beloved Country (Pakistan) and wish you all the best at this day of your Independence and always…

May Allah protect you…may Almighty give to thousand of centuries to celebrate the Independence. Ameen.

Happy Independence Day !

Saturday, August 11, 2012


I have 7 nieces and nephews - eldest 15 years old and the youngest three years old.

I love them all. I think they are the most adorable cutest lovely pies that's ever come into this world.

But...I know that's my personal....bias and subjective opinion. I don't force my friends and strangers to like or talk to them.

This subjectivity not so obvious for most people I met (recently).

What does people expect me to say when they bring in their er... not so good looking kids to me?

'oh.... kitna cute hay' (oh.. so cute) or
'oh...buhat he pyara hay' ( beautiful)

hmm...when obviously...I don't think so?

I mean....that will be lying through my teeth....right?

Once...I had someone who brought her kid to me who obviously had a major running nose and 'strips' as thick as the 'yellow river' were flowing out of his nose.

She wanted to push her baby at me for a hug!!!

I gave the kid 2 light pats on the head with my stretched hands and walked off saying 'haan pyaara hay waqayee'...

Another time on an outing...this same kid insisted he wanted to do a karaoke. All the rest of the adults had to indulge the kid and not only listened to him sing silly repetitive songs for about 20 mins but had to clap as well saying 'wah wah buhat khoob'....

hmm.....have you ever noticed how adults behave like babies when they see babies?

Everyone just gathers around the baby and go 'wooooing and cooooing' and making lots of funny baby noises?

I kid you not ... the adults were definitely more excited and losing control when compared to the babies –

I know that not being a mom....I probably am not qualified to understand a mother's love.

This is why I avoid the pantry and office lunchbox where most conversations are about nappies...milk schools....most nutritious tuition child performances etc...(ie: child-centred conversations)

There are some of us who genuinely want to be left alone. I mean, I have 7 nephews and nieces already.

That's enough for me. Yes…there are times when I really like a kid but the kids who knows that they are beautiful and adorable are usually not friendly type…they also keep their distance when come to you and normally don’t like adults to touch their checks…or to pat them on the head.

So…people…leave it to the other people…hmm...if you think your child is beautiful and adorable…people will themselves come to the child and pat or hug...

hmm...otherwise accept the truth…your child got your features.