Thursday, August 30, 2012

Practical Jokes !

The biggest blessings have come from my weakest moments. 

So that’s what I read today so far...quotes like that do alter your mood for few hours but still the feeling linger somewhere behind the scene and once you are alone you start having the same mood overcome you.

Jim Carey in movie ‘Bruce Almighty’ said that our Maker too…sometimes played on us the PRACTICAL JOKES…hmm..although it was delivered when he was having the weakest time of his life….but he changed his perception soon.

And today I just remembered that…because something really funny happens and I instead of mourning starts laughing about it…everyone around me thought that I am out of senses…or as my Manager always said…zada pee le hay kia…?

I am having the weakest moment of my life too nowadays…my mother died suddenly…my organization is closing down our department…soon I will be jobless…I got seriously accused by my elder brother of not letting him his ways with my mother’s property and its making my position awkward with other siblings and relatives..hmm....

While I was so worried about my job and how will I cope with daily and routine expenses once out of income suddenly a ray of hope came into my world…

Organization opens few Officer Level position and I being advised by my Manager enthusiastically applied for it….its been long and I heard nothing about it so when passing on to the Director’s Secretary today I asked her if she knows anything about short listing and when they will announce the lucky one…

She smiled (although now I hate her so much) and said…”ohh…HR…just off the record that you have been selected and most probably you will get the official email tomorrow.”

My Manager was close and she heard it she congratulates me and suddenly everyone got it they start congratulating me and I start showing my humbleness and start pretending the way people do when they achieved something big and they don’t want to be rude…although I have recited their faces in my mind and was desperate to become their officer…and was anxiously waiting for my turn.

Someone said…treat…treat…treat…I asked the office boy to bring some luncheon to the people on my account...and we ate…we merry…we laugh…and I…felt like…"shew…it was close…Thanks God I am back to work again."

At the end of the day when we were closing our systems and were about to leave…the Secretary came running to me and what she said was enough to make me…well…she said that it was a mistake…she got the real selected person name now…the one (colleague) who was not present today and I felt like…what the hell?

What you say? Is this not a kind of JOKE from my MAKER’s part? I mean at this stage or time of my life when everything is going on wrong is it the right time to play such JOKES on me?

Tell me Lord…what I have done to deserve this?



  1. I am awfully sorry to hear about your current predicament, and hope things work for you in the immediate future.

    And well, to quote Voltaire, "All is for the best in the best of all possible worlds".

    That's Voltaire's word against Jim (whoever!) Carey, and needless to mention I would go with the former any time. ;)

  2. So sorry you're going through this. Be strong (easier said than done I know)... and things will get better I am sure.

  3. HR,
    Sorry about the episode after episode.
    May Allah bless you with total peace of mind!
    Of course, these devastating events are not "fair" at all. You deserve much better than that for sure.
    Nevertheless, outsourcing jobs to other countries is a leading factor for 'staff-downsizing' leaving the sufferers behind to face nothing but financial discomfort for some time.
    As you may already know, “Pessimism is sin, so is greed and selfishness,” thus, we must learn how to live and cope with the ground realities.
    If one door shuts, another one automatically opens for us as “Almighty Allah” provides without discrimination to every living being.
    So negative thoughts at this point amounts to a “trust deficit” indeed.
    With Allah’s help, it’s recommended to start discovering how to be happy.

  4. Terrible! I had an inkling that this would be the end. But whoever goofed up, needs a bashing. But hold on, maybe this was a blessing