Saturday, August 11, 2012


I have 7 nieces and nephews - eldest 15 years old and the youngest three years old.

I love them all. I think they are the most adorable cutest lovely pies that's ever come into this world.

But...I know that's my personal....bias and subjective opinion. I don't force my friends and strangers to like or talk to them.

This subjectivity not so obvious for most people I met (recently).

What does people expect me to say when they bring in their er... not so good looking kids to me?

'oh.... kitna cute hay' (oh.. so cute) or
'oh...buhat he pyara hay' ( beautiful)

hmm...when obviously...I don't think so?

I mean....that will be lying through my teeth....right?

Once...I had someone who brought her kid to me who obviously had a major running nose and 'strips' as thick as the 'yellow river' were flowing out of his nose.

She wanted to push her baby at me for a hug!!!

I gave the kid 2 light pats on the head with my stretched hands and walked off saying 'haan pyaara hay waqayee'...

Another time on an outing...this same kid insisted he wanted to do a karaoke. All the rest of the adults had to indulge the kid and not only listened to him sing silly repetitive songs for about 20 mins but had to clap as well saying 'wah wah buhat khoob'....

hmm.....have you ever noticed how adults behave like babies when they see babies?

Everyone just gathers around the baby and go 'wooooing and cooooing' and making lots of funny baby noises?

I kid you not ... the adults were definitely more excited and losing control when compared to the babies –

I know that not being a mom....I probably am not qualified to understand a mother's love.

This is why I avoid the pantry and office lunchbox where most conversations are about nappies...milk schools....most nutritious tuition child performances etc...(ie: child-centred conversations)

There are some of us who genuinely want to be left alone. I mean, I have 7 nephews and nieces already.

That's enough for me. Yes…there are times when I really like a kid but the kids who knows that they are beautiful and adorable are usually not friendly type…they also keep their distance when come to you and normally don’t like adults to touch their checks…or to pat them on the head.

So…people…leave it to the other people…hmm...if you think your child is beautiful and adorable…people will themselves come to the child and pat or hug...

hmm...otherwise accept the truth…your child got your features.



  1. A thing of beauty is a joy for ever. The fact is the exterior beauty attracts you but what if the interior ugliness takes over.
    Also true is: Children should be cuter to look lovely, yet their inner side is already clean due to their innocence.

  2. hahahahahahaha that is soooooooooooooo true mtlb I like kids but tbh nt every kid is a cute and makes u go "Awwwww ur so huggable" :p But still ppl not only expect u to hug n cuddle their kids but they also want u to call him all the cutest things u can ever think off.... kindda annoying :p ;)

  3. wow so many..
    If you have some time come and have a look at Fasting - Three changes over at i-reminisces...

    Take Care

  4. Everybody loves their child and think that this is the cutest child on the face of this earth that is why they expect people to hug them... this is a mean article telling people "hey, you know what, Your kid is'nt at all cute and we can't hug them"
    Kids are kids afterall, same breed!

  5. :) kids r blessings and very fact every kid brings a smile on your face for one or the other reason ..
    have a blessed day

  6. Children are lovely but no point in petting each one of them zabardasti! Also, some parents just want to show off and think of it as a norm. I think children should treated as individuals too. Only cooing and pinching cheeks, fussing over them, is super annoying.

  7. Children are born innocent and beautiful - some are blessed and are beautiful both inside and outside.

    It is unfortunate that parents and life itself sometimes blight this beauty and innocence...

    But you're right - at times we pretend anothers child is lovely (even though badly behaved) in an effort not to offend...

    Anna :o]

  8. Thinking,

    Each child has own beauty. I always show my affection to a child no matter what he or she looks like. Of course, if the child is not well I back off saying that I have cold which may get passed on to the child. I also wonder what the child must be thinking while looking at us behaving like buffons. Wish you to feel the joys of motherhood when time is appropriate for you.

    Take care