Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Man is the Destiny of Man

When we see a smile on a child's face we also smile, when we see a young man and young lady strolling together and looking each other with admiration and love our eyes also light up and gleam with love. When we see someone young helping out an elderly on a busy road we stop for a moment and feel admiration for the young and respect for the elderly.

When we see someone in pain, our souls are also filled with pathos and sadness and we try to help and cheer up that person. This we all do because we are all connected with each other on this vast matrix of life, where we are one soul but multitude identities, where we have one spirit but multiple desires, where each one of us has his own body but one single desire Love.

Whether we know this or not, but our act for the other person shows that man is the destiny of man.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Another YOU

No matter how many times we wish we had the better option...hmm....we are always able to make do with what we have.

I have learnt over the years that the challenges and obstacles of which I have been faced with have not been bestowed on me because I couldn't cope.

We go through many testing times throughout our existence...some of us are faced with more than others...but these are only times which we can deal with...hmmm....only tests in which we will....eventually....pass.

It isn't easy sailing through life having nothing to worry about....and that is something most of us will never experience.

I worry if I haven't got something to worry about...hmmm.....

The responsibilities we take on during the course of our lives are often so great that it isn't uncommon for one to feel we are in it way over our heads....incapable of getting through a day.

Life is a precious gift...hmmm.....imagine how incredible it would be if there were two of us.

A parallel existence in another universe could be all the things we always wanted to be....

It could do everything we planned to do....

a) visit all the places we want to see
b) have the perfect job
c) live in a perfect house.

Even though this wouldn't be reality....but for once...just imagine....what would you want for your life in a parallel world?

Putting aside your contentment in this life...hmmm.....imagining you could choose another YOU.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Love for me....

hmmm......Love for me is when beloved husband sacrifices his mid night cup of tea because he forgot to buy milk.

Yes...that's what the beloved husband did.

We get two liters of milk on Monday and two on Friday...occasionally having to buy additional one liter midweek.

But this has become the beloved husband's job since I surrendered our milk man last November as I suspected he used to add water in milk in his way from shop to our house.

Only this Friday....he forgot.

When I went to get the milk out of the fridge in order to make my porridge this Saturday evening...hmm....I had no choice but to leave the smallest amount.

...Meaning not enough for two cups of tea.

Where we live it isn't a case of walking to the corner shop.

Most nights at around 11.30 after sometime dinner...he makes us tea occasionally gracing me with a plate of biscuits.

But...this meant only one cup.

And he...being the perfect gentleman...insisted that the one cup should be mine.

I didn't marry him for his money....nor did I marry him for his physical appearence...hmmm...or may be I did...okay okay...I suppose not to mention this aloud...

hmm...but I did marry him for love....and of course his night time tea.

What is love for you?

Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Imperfect World

We know how imperfect we are but it is in the nature of man to aspire for perfection, so we all try so hard to attain perfection and fail because perfection is not a human trait. It’s the imperfection that keeps us in action and in search of the possibilities that only come our way when we err.

Imperfection leads to the endless possibilities that make us richer, wiser and normal. Perfection in a human being means abnormality, malfunction and disorientation. Those human beings that supposedly attain perfection cease to function on normal human level, as perfection means no further room for improvement and in the universe which is ever expanding, growing and evolving something which attains perfection has no further role to play.

Let's aspire for the best all the times and live and tolerate those who are imperfect as we all are and instead of finding a perfect world let’s try to focus on a world that excels in accommodating all those who are around and doing their best with their share of imperfections in a world that needs much more love than anything else to attain a conducive and tolerant environment where we can all go about in our way in eternal dance of life.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Blog support

Me…hmm…I am recently been at the receiving end of unwelcome comments.

Of course...on our blogs we have the option to refuse to publish anonymous comments and some blogs have a word verification.

I've tried all these myself but find it much more blog-friendly to just allow comments as and when they are posted by the reader.

Just like most other people...I get the occasional unwelcome comments but I just keep them. As we should have tendency to face negative comments too..hmmm....

I've experienced bitterness of course...but 99.9% of the time I receive support and encouragement.

Comments are an important part of writing a blog in my opinion;

a)they give the author feedback,
b)they acknowledge a post;
c)they offer support and understanding in difficult circumstances.

I am grateful for each and every one of the comments left on this blog.

I value all of them...hmm...

But I think there are two separate people who like to leave distasteful and offensive remarks in every blog comments section.

Most people who do this usually call themselves "Anonymous"....or come with new user name but these comments were from actual people of whom you could link back to their site.

When I tried to confront one of the recent (offensive) comment maker on her own blog....she denied all knowledge of the hurtful things she had said.

I'm not sure what I find most pathetic....hurting someone’s feelings....or lying.

Both incredibly rude...hmm...and...both immensely unnecessary.

Why do people waste their time leaving offensive comments?

Can't someone be opinionated and disagreeable without causing irritation and resentment?

Is it really necessary for someone to visit a blog they clearly don't enjoy....only to leave the author a derogatory remark?

Most of the blogs I visit are filled with supportive readership...polite conversation....friendship and a united front.

I fear I have touched a nerve somewhere....perhaps stirred an emotion once buried.

But believe me...hmm...bitterness and spite get us nowhere in life.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Women's Day !

Sometimes we just have to make our loved ones feel needed.

Not just loved and appreciated...but really we couldn't manage without them..even though we know we could...hmm....

Maybe we'd be lonely...maybe we'd struggle...but the morning would still dawn and night would still blacken the sky.

The relationship between me and my mother is not on affectionate terms but I am sure that when she looked at me she can see into my soul.

Sometimes she astonished me how she pick my thoughts.

Though I am not at all romantic with my mother...I never sit besides her…she never allowed me to make joke with her…I dare to laugh in front of her…but it doesn’t matter.

She makes me feel better whenever she looks at me or listen to me when I am disturbed.

She's there for me and I'm there for her…and while we share our lives together...we will continue to make each other feel special.

I'm all for equality in a relationship though I wouldn't consider myself an accomplished person....hmm...not at all.

I prefer my mother to treat me with respect and remember that I'm just as capable as any of her other children are...hmm….okay okay…maybe not…but at least I try.

She sees me struggling with my clothes which no longer fit and offers to amend them;
she sees me trying to cook something delicate and offers to cook it for me;
she choose cloth’s color for me;
instruct tailor for me.

The little things in life mean so much...they're what makes a relationship work.

There are times when I ask her to let me know how to cook some blah blah dish…when and how invite people in my house…what to wear in a party and how to manage my In-Laws...such a small gesture makes her feel really needed in my life.

My Mother is one of the best…great woman I ever met in my life…so far....hmmm....