Friday, March 18, 2011

Blog support

Me…hmm…I am recently been at the receiving end of unwelcome comments.

Of course...on our blogs we have the option to refuse to publish anonymous comments and some blogs have a word verification.

I've tried all these myself but find it much more blog-friendly to just allow comments as and when they are posted by the reader.

Just like most other people...I get the occasional unwelcome comments but I just keep them. As we should have tendency to face negative comments too..hmmm....

I've experienced bitterness of course...but 99.9% of the time I receive support and encouragement.

Comments are an important part of writing a blog in my opinion;

a)they give the author feedback,
b)they acknowledge a post;
c)they offer support and understanding in difficult circumstances.

I am grateful for each and every one of the comments left on this blog.

I value all of them...hmm...

But I think there are two separate people who like to leave distasteful and offensive remarks in every blog comments section.

Most people who do this usually call themselves "Anonymous"....or come with new user name but these comments were from actual people of whom you could link back to their site.

When I tried to confront one of the recent (offensive) comment maker on her own blog....she denied all knowledge of the hurtful things she had said.

I'm not sure what I find most pathetic....hurting someone’s feelings....or lying.

Both incredibly rude...hmm...and...both immensely unnecessary.

Why do people waste their time leaving offensive comments?

Can't someone be opinionated and disagreeable without causing irritation and resentment?

Is it really necessary for someone to visit a blog they clearly don't enjoy....only to leave the author a derogatory remark?

Most of the blogs I visit are filled with supportive readership...polite conversation....friendship and a united front.

I fear I have touched a nerve somewhere....perhaps stirred an emotion once buried.

But believe me...hmm...bitterness and spite get us nowhere in life.


  1. Awe. may b one has to bear a bit of criticism along wd fame. though I still dont get how one can live with hurting others?
    bhrhaal I 'v always lovd ur posts, nd m honored to b able to make comments over such great piece of thinkings!

    P.S: How wud u say 'takia kalaam' in English?, I really want to know this :/

  2. @raw: tagline, i suppose.

    @thinking: I really wanted to reply to that commenter, but thought its your territory and hence you are the right person to respond.. and you do have ample admirers for bringing on untouched topics

  3. first of all, i like those blog space where comment moderation is not applied... so in my view its good that you still dont have that.

    regarding those comments all i can say that at some point of time every blogger has to deal with it and you can't stop them either from doing so, and i personally prefer to ignore them... so just keep on writing what you feel to.... and i agree with the "raw" here that "one has to bear a bit of criticism along wd fame."

  4. Dear Raw:

    Thanks alot for coming.

    I am so honroed that you feel this way about my writings...

    Well...I always used to think that TAKIA KALAM is kind of emblem in English...but we can call it Metaphor too...

    But nothing I think would suit this URDU word...

    Let me seek help from one of my friend who has recently joined my blog...lets see what he has for us...hmm...his English is far more better than mine...

    Thank you so much.

  5. hmm...Neelma...thank you so much for giving the English word of Takia Kalam...and it suits better than emblem.

    And I am so much honored by your comment.

    Thank you so much.

    I hope you will take out time in future too for my blog.

    Thanks again.

  6. hmm...Irfan Sahib... are right about the blog comment moderation...I also like those where I can post at once and can see my comment soon after I post it.

    Thanks again for supporting me.

    I am honored.

  7. Do not get bothered by those negative remarks. Even if one wants to express displeasure one can do it in a more respectful manner. One does not need to get abusive or rude to get heard. Ignore them and continue writing. I have always loved your posts.

  8. It hurts me to see that you still remember that!

    I mean get a lyf and STEP over it,or them.
    You are better and that's that.

    No need to even award them with a memory in your mind..:)

  9. Dear Sh@s....

    Thanks for coming and giving such honor.

    I am so much thankful to you.

  10. Dear Hamza...

    Thank you so much for giving me such honor.

    Thanks again and you honored me.

  11. m going thru EXACTLY teh same thing..they have been ABUSIVE to say teh least...i first chose to remain quiet n then i THANKED them gracefully n then abused them while all the while telling them that THEY DEVOTE SOO MUCH TIME TO come again n again n just makes ME POPULAR :ppp

  12. hmm....yes...but being popular does not mean that you are liked too...

    I would prefere be liked only by few people than to be famous with bad name...

    Well...thank you are always so much helpful and I am honored that you take out time for my blog.

    Thanks again.

  13. @Neelma: thnx a ton :)
    @Thinking: see how ur blog is serving ppl :), tagline seem quite perfect to me for 'takia kalaam' but if U'll find something else, ofcourse I'll b grateful!

  14. hmm...Dear raw....

    Thanks !

    I am honored.