Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Imperfect World

We know how imperfect we are but it is in the nature of man to aspire for perfection, so we all try so hard to attain perfection and fail because perfection is not a human trait. It’s the imperfection that keeps us in action and in search of the possibilities that only come our way when we err.

Imperfection leads to the endless possibilities that make us richer, wiser and normal. Perfection in a human being means abnormality, malfunction and disorientation. Those human beings that supposedly attain perfection cease to function on normal human level, as perfection means no further room for improvement and in the universe which is ever expanding, growing and evolving something which attains perfection has no further role to play.

Let's aspire for the best all the times and live and tolerate those who are imperfect as we all are and instead of finding a perfect world let’s try to focus on a world that excels in accommodating all those who are around and doing their best with their share of imperfections in a world that needs much more love than anything else to attain a conducive and tolerant environment where we can all go about in our way in eternal dance of life.


  1. hmm...Dar Sahib...Welcome.

    Yes...its true that we are not perfect...but one has to live with it and all we require is to accept others with their imperfection too...

    World is a happy place...and we would be the happiest people...

    What a perfect post on imperfection...

  2. "If a man should happen to reach perfection in this world, he would have to die immediately to enjoy himself"......

  3. Thanks Thinking for providing this platform which provides an opportunity and a different window for me to see and view a different skyline, a different landscape.

  4. Well-said. Its our imperfections that makes us unique and makes us strive towards perfection. Just imagine had this world been perfect then what it would had been like.