Saturday, September 1, 2012

Do you wanna partner !

One of my friend who is a single mother and coping without a mate since God knows how many years….asked me the other day if there were times when I would feel that I need a partner or if there were times when I couldn't do things on my own….? to help her gain more confidence as that’s what she wanted to listen basically I shared with her few of the moments…

One fine night…after attending a rather large work event….I was shocked on entering my apartment to find the door- mat 'floating' and the lounge all wet - a combined leakage from the rest room and kitchen!

For about 30 seconds...I just stood….stared at the mess and really wanted to cry.

I was rooted in my position and didn't know what to do.

At that particular moment… did occur to me to right away call my beloved husband…instead… I sat down…took a deep breath….reminded myself that I had just led and organized quite a large event attended by over 500 people and I can and will 'SNAP OUT OF THIS' !

Gathered my thoughts…took a deep breath and realized that I actually need a plumber….the building management people to come and check who is the culprit to let his restroom gutter filled and thus the water overflowed in my apartment….and lastly…my sweeper to help me mop the floor !

hmm….to be honest with you guys out there….actually…. 'most men' wouldn't be very useful during those moments as they too would call the plumber and actually…might start to get quite grumpy with the Management people and not help out with the mopping either!

And yes….there was another time when I decided to change a light bulb in my bathroom.

I ended up splitting the bulb into 2 and so...half of the bulb got stucked and I wasn't able to put in the new one (lesson learnt - there are FAKE Philip light bulbs on sale at very reputable stores in Pakistan!!)

The electrician came and helped me undo the tricky situation and after about 25 mins....managed to fix it! ...

His exact words after that were ' is our role to help you change light bulb.. in future...please let me do this service for you instead of doing it yourself' ... that moment….I really wanted to propose to that little guy! (but he seemed like married and I already have my chances being closed…)

So...yes...I do have moments when it would have been nice to have a partner at home - when there's a mini-flood at have someone to text or call when I touch-down after a tiring business trip or to have someone to change light bulbs.

But then again....there's the plumber....the engineer.....the estate management....the office drivers - and they are all polite....service-oriented and help solve most of life's minute problems (without arguing with me!!)...

What I didn’t tell her…that when you are quite busy…(grumpy on your colleagues and about to break a fight with them)… its nice to have someone call you and asked you…”Hi Darling ! didn’t go to the office today so will pick you up…just want to know that would you like me to wear blue or white shirt?”

And when your partner is spending night with his friends…you are alone at home and in the middle of the night when you are fast asleep…he would call you and say…” Hi Darling…please do get some sleep !”

hmmm….and the list goes on…hmm….


  1. It's better to be an all rounder but then again professionals are professionals.
    BTW, my wife depends upon me despite the fact I am not professional.
    I am only jack of all and master of none.
    My neighbour lady always keeps a partner who mows her lawn and helps her with the household work. Other neighbours finger point at them saying "O he is nauker" etc etc.
    But, I feel really sorry for the single mothers who are in need of care.
    Only marriage option is available in such cases.

  2. We need a partner. We all do. We need someone to come home to after bearing with all the nonsense that life has to offer. We need someone to share..

  3. Thinking,

    Read 3 posts now. One can not change past by just changing company one keeps. It is advisable not to fret over past and move on with lessons learnt. I think your office persons played a trick on you. Have you got another job yet or not? It is love and emotional support one looks for in partner. No one else can fill that place.

    Take care