Wednesday, September 12, 2012


And when I could not resist more I suddenly ran out to find the fresh air.

The hall was full of beautiful people with elegant features and rosy lips...all were talking in same syllable “mai”..”mai”….”mai” (me…I…myself)....hmm…

...the night was dark due to the dense and heavy clouds or may be the moon for which I came already fell beyond the horizons….”she left early”…one of our colleague announced when he find my eyes wandering….hmm…so he knew that I came for her...only...and it too irritated me.

Out side the hall…on the right corner I saw a man with a small stand selling cigarettes and sweets… …besides that there was a little flock of sheep and goats…hmm…the shepherd was sitting on a pew with the sales man…smoking…

....the ground was swampy due to all day rain and it was impossible to walk on it with heels…

However it took me two or three steps to figure out my balance and than I walked easily towards the flock and smiled because the goats were also busy with their ….”mai…mai…mai”

…oh dear…is there any one to which I can turn tonight?

These elegant features…the so called elites…with so much air of knowledge and who have everything…are the beautiful and elegant cages.

Yes…I know they worked day and night in clubs and jims to build such skeleton...but theses skeletons are beautiful...elegant cage for the heart….the heart which was long dead.

And this cage in which they locked the heart is so air tight that no one can at all smell the death they carry inside their cage.

Have you ever talk to an elegant man or a beautiful woman who has a dead heart inside their skeleton and they will not even allow you to tell them or to point that out to them?

How would you feel?

All the time looking into their eyes...pretending that you are so much impressed by their charming...knowledgeable speech...while inside you feel your own chest bones contracting and releasing at the same time...instantly checking your own heart...your own soul...your own skeleton.

hmm...I said to myself...I might not have a very well built (worked out) and elegant skeleton but at least I have a living heart.....a soul.

As Khalil Jibran said:

“I am the lost human heart, imprisoned in the foul dungeon of man’s dictates, tied with chains of earthly authority, dead and forgotten by laughing humanity whose tongue is tied and whose eyes are empty of visible tears.”


  1. One of the reasons why I do not prefer to socialize. Mai mai bleats are irritating and yes these are 'carved' figures. Plastic right?
    Very nice post.

  2. That quote is so beautiful.

  3. I have no time to be here :) yet I felt compelled to respond to this post...

    Profound recognition. This is largely why I could not participate as conventional visitor at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) although I was close by. Yet I was able to go one night to stand by self with a sign speaking to the evils of the drone.

    That quote by Khalil Gibran (or Jibran)is very sad and despairing yet is a notable example of his deep and insightful gift. And reminds me not only of the empty beautiful people yet also of what some empty beautiful people due to kill the spirit of others -- such as in Gitmo and elsewhere...

    Our role besides commentary and deciding NOT to be in such places unless necessary or called? One answer may be to take some compassion on such people or those who are affected by such pray for and to find a way to send out love -- albiet we usually would want or have to do so from a distance.

    This perhaps is one of the reasons and purposes for a gift of writing and observation such as your's?

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    1. The heartless elites do tough work-outs in GYMS just to gain or maintain their skeletons just to protect the dead hearts buried inside. “Murda dil kia khaak gia kerty hain?”
      Indeed, a silent personality with an alive heart is a blessing for others.

      This world is a cage for the momins and is paradise for the non-momins.

  5. Thinking,

    This is the story of those who put on fake facade. What Khalil Jibran said is so true.

    Take care

  6. I love the last quote you have there.

  7. This reminds me of a song, "Where there's a man who has no voice, there are shallow seas." Same goes for those with no soul or heart.. who's hearts have been hardened. There are shallow seas all around us these days. I pray for them. I pray that God opens their hearts and soften their souls so that the world will know peace. This was beautiful Tariq.

  8. Crystal, Your thoughts are very generous.
    By the way, I am one of the luky contributers on this blog.
    I wrote the previous post --just one before this one --on Indian War of 1965 against Pakistan. This post belongs to our literary master the owner of this blog. She writes wonderfully on non political and non economic issues of routine botheration.