Thursday, September 6, 2012

Failure of "1965 Indian Invasion"

September 6th is the day when  43 years ago Hindustan crossed the International Border at Wahga in violation of international law with intention of taking over Lahore.  
A couple of days later, Chawinda tank battle was fought in Sialkot sector. Indian advances were successfully repulsed on all fronts.The country was saved because of descipline, enthusiasm, unity and common goal of National Defence.
All three Security forces including Pak Army, Pak Air Force and Pak Navy were on single page along with the civil society whole-heartedly.
The team work helped the country to emerge as winner.
No matter what Pakistan Survives inspite of anti-State activity by the intruders or criminals from within.
Despite the high number of causalties, loss of civil life and property destruction, the morale was high.
Currently, in view of the ongoing negative scenario created by the hidden hand, the sub standard governance, administrative paralysis, rampant corruption, and the unscheduled power outage for prolonged hours,  the celebration of Defence Day has to be as minimal as possible.
In fact, Pakistan needs to be self desciplined and  be in effective control of course.
Most importantly, among other things - all major national institutions must respect Article 190 of the constituion whereby Army and the Government are bound  to carry out the orders of the Supreme Judiciary.
Now, there is a need of united effort to repulse corruption and foreign sposored terrorism.