Sunday, October 11, 2009

~ For Granted ~

Yesterday I was watching one movie named " Awakenings ", and it was said by a mother,

When he(her son) was born, he was healthy and smart and that time I never ask GOD that WHY....I get such a boy? What I did to deserve such healthy and smart child? I never did...but when he get sick I demanded to know that what did I do to deserve such miseries? Why it is happening to me? There were no one I can look for help and there were no one I can ask to stop that, my son is in pain. "

It is true, we take so many things in our life for granted and we only notice them when we lose them or about to lose them.

It is only, Friendships, Siblings, Mother Father and Life's little happiness which matter so much in our life but we didnt look at them until we loose them. It is our fake confidence that these people and weather and life will stay here all the time so why waste time on those they are not going any where. But they are moving on too. It is only a matter of one moment when we develop a relationship and took whole life to work on them to keep them working.I wish now, I can change the way I was. And start not taking relationships for granted.

I wish.......

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