Monday, October 26, 2009

Sufism !

"When I come to Love, I am ashamed of allthat I have ever said about Love."-- Rumi

Mansur uttered "Ana'l-Haqq" - I am the truth - and was condemned to death for it .

It was his intolerably heretical claim to have achieved unity with the Devine that made him the only Sufi martyr in history.

After the long departure, finaly with the help of an old man, Layla and Majnun faced each other.

The old man tugged on her arm, but Layla could not move.

"Noble Sir", she pleaded, "this far but no farther. Even now I am like a burning candle; one step closer to the fire and I shall be consumed completely. "

Majnun stumbled forward and suddenly under the dome of heaven, Layla and Majnun faced eachother.

The two lovers stared at one another, drunk with the wine of love. Yet though they were now close enough to touch, they knew that such wine could be tested only in paradise. A breath, a sigh, a stifled cry, and Majnun turned and run from the groove back into the desert, vanishing like a shadow into the night.

Orphaned at a young age, Rabia(Rabia of Basra 717 - 801) became a slave and the sexual property of her master. Yet, she longed throughtout her life to experience mystical union with God.

It was during one of these nightly meditations that her master first noticed a blinding nimbus of light shinning above her head, illuminating the entire house he immediately set Rabia free, allowing her to go into the desert to pursue the Way.

Rabia's poetry betrays a profoundly intimate encounter with God :

You are my breath,

My hope,

My companion,

My craving,

My abundant wealth.

Without You - my life, my LOVE -

I would never have wondered across these endless countries.....

I look everywhere for Your love -

Then I am suddenly filled with it.

O Captain of my Heart,

Radiant Eye of Yearning in my breast,

I will never be free from YOU

As long as I live.

Be satisfied with me, Love,

And I am satisfied.

And now....its Laal Shahbaaz his mystic DHAMAAL. His eyes are closed seems like he dont know where he is and what his purpose in this world. He who knows only that there is HIS GOD somewhere and he can clearly see HIM.... He said once about his Tasawwuf that " It begins with the thought of GOD / ALLAH and then there is no end of it"

Apnay dost key muhabbat mein

Ruqs kanna'n hon mein aagh per

Jhoomta hon kabhi khaakh mein

Loot-ta hon or kabhi kantoo'n per

Ghoomta hon mein muhabbat mein

Badnaam ho gaya hon mein tum say

Iltaja kerta hon k tum mere pass

Aao ! Mein badnaami say nahi darta orr

Bazaaro'n mein nachnay say nahi darta

Poetry by Moulana Rumi :

Tina Petrova about Sufism :

Defination : The meaning of Sufism is the selfless expiriencing of the truth.

Me just a drop of water has mixed myself into the sea and now I have lost myself. I dont know which way I have to turn....whether downwards or upwards lie my destiny.

Do I actually belong here ?????? hmmm....

(Few incidents were taking from : No god but God by Reza Aslan)


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  2. "..the selfless experiencing of the truth." And the way you distill this essence and discuss Sufism, Thinking...I am immediately drawn into the joys of being REAL with truth...not just "some truth out there" but inside where we each live and also where we live with one another in whatever forms the "community of us all"...

    Thank You so much, Thinking and Rehan for touching upon the HEART and SOUL of LIFE you both speak of here...I look forward to spending HOURS and revisits with this wondrous slice and glimpse of Sufism, Rabia (whom I already LOVE) and the Rumi Poem on You Tube, etc. etc. and the other posts here...

    Now I am seeing an answer to my question to you Rehan in response to Thinking's earlier post "May I Romantic..."

    Thank You, both of you - and Rabia, Rumi, Sufism, ALLAH - all that is beautiful AND true . Thanks for starting my day and week of so much stark and often un-beautiful human rights work with this kind of eternal REALITY.

  3. Qayoom Sahib...thanks.

    So honored to have your comments.

    I watch the video link you pasted but unfortunately as it was in some other language which I dont understand makes me like a thirsty come near to the water but couldnt drink it.

    Anyhow....pardon me I read little about RUMI and rarely read his writings. I am trying now to cover Iqbal and Rumi as I have neglected these two legendry writers whole my life.

    Your given incident encounter of Rumi with ordinary lovers gives me so much hope and life.

    Isn't it intersting that we have all around ourself so many things to explore. Allah has granted so many occasions by which we can find our ways but we kept ourself blind an deaf.

    Thanks again.

  4. hmm...Dear Connie...thanks.

    Actually it is YOU who make my day !

    Thanks for such enthusiastic reply.


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  6. hmm... Qayoom Sahib

    I know you are a poet and I would love to read your poem PRISM. Its title is very intriguing.

    Karachi is good....there is a row of merriage halls in front of my appartment and it seems that everyone is getting marry

    hmm...yes ! Life is short.

  7. Here is the poem as requested. It is an adaptation from Parveen Shakir. This is the second draft

    Just as the sun descends into
    A drop of water
    Creating a picture
    [?] of colours
    The 7 columns of mist-spray
    [Entire line questionable]
    Embrace it with open arms
    Painting a world of colours into
    Its little body

    I too have a sun
    And when I embrace it
    A spectrum of rainbow-flowers grow from within me
    All it takes is a slight change of direction
    And again I become
    A simple droplet of water
    Blank and colourless

    It is unwise to live near marriage halls! As for myself Miss God has decided I am to be celibate (as Auden would say) 'There are days when the knowledge that there will never be a place which I can call home, that there will never be a person with whom I shall be one flesh, seems more than I can bear, and if it wasn’t for you, and a few—how few—like you, I don’t think I could.'

  8. hmm...Qayoom Sahib...thanks for sharing.

    Is it the final draft? I like Parveen Shakir and found her topics very simple yet very expressive and feminine.

    "All it takes is a slight change of direction",

    Time always made sun to melt and sat down it also rises the moon our love and fate is a matter of time??

    When our time is up...we become pearl and when not we remain in the sea shell un noticed and un mattered....hmm...

    Your poem has so many you would explain it...I wonder? honored to be in your sharing list.... :)

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  10. hmm...I read it...and comment too....

    I am not a poetic peron at all...but I do appreciate poetry alot and know that poet are the rare people....hmm...

    I am honored that you gave me the link.