Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Writing is Thinking !

Writing means thinking - Consider, William, take a month to think - The desire to write a natural impluse like wanting to be a policman - Inspiratrion verses Effort - This comes to me, says the poet - Learning to see and learning to say what you see.

Writing originates in the brain and done straight from the elbow.

I believe writing is a form of thought while there are still few who thinks writing as a form of activity. As I always stress the simple fact that writing is essentialy thinking, or at least involves thinking at its first requisite. All people can think, or at least they think they think.But few people can say what they think, that is, say it with sufficient power of language to convey it to the full.

Even when they have conveyaed it, it may turn out to be not worth conveying.

But there are some people whose thoughts are so interesting that other people are glad to hear them or ead them.

Yet even these people must learn the use of language adequate to convey their thoughts; people may sputter and gurgle in a highly interesting way but without the full equipment of accquired of language their sputters wont carry far.

This, then, is what is what is meant by writing - to have thoughts which are of interest to other people and to put them into language which reveals the thoughts.

But I made all above references to explain professional writing.

I write for myself, of myself and reveal the inner thoughts of my heart.

This is the first step to say and accept the truth. To say, to speak your heart out. To say what you feel at that very moment.

Writing has been a pleasure for me since childhood. When I did'nt even know what to and how to write.

Writing for me is a source of seeing time from different angles and to observe what might lies behind the moment passed.

Writing is always my passion, my hobby and my campanion since it always gives me ways to escape.

So happy writing and keep writing.


  1. 'WILLIAM'? So, you're on first name terms with the great bard himself, impressive.

  2. Qayoom Sahib

    I am sorry, I didn't want to be ofensive to anyone.

    Well, I think when you gave half of your best youth age to figure or remember (in my case recited) what Cleopatra had or hadn't said to Antony as himself (Shakespear)once wrote "'You pay a great deal too dear for what's given freely" , gives you right (I guess) to use the first name....lol....

    But again I am sorry if I hurt you anyway.

    Thanks for dropping by...hmm...

  3. Not at all. I found it quite amusing actually.

    God Bless You.