Sunday, October 25, 2009

May I romantic with you???

I feel romantic whenever I see Rajesh Khanna in an outdated outfit but extremely smart lip singing a song, "Yeah shaam mastani madhosh keye jaye" with whistling intervals and strikingly beautiful heroin in his sight and with beautiful scenery around... ohh...gosh...I feel romantic.

Or when I listen " Jiss galli mein tera ghar na ho sajna uss galli say hamain tu guzarna nahi"(Mukesh) , or when I am listening to, " Tum sang naina lagay manay nahi jee a ra" (Rubina Badar) , sometimes I suddenly fell into the nausea or the trance or charisma of ," Woh Ishq jo hum say rooth gaya" (Farida Khanum). I couldnt help falling in the background of these songs or the poets who wrote them or the people who sung these songs or ghazal.

No offense, "baat tu sach hay per baat hay ruswayee key", but I couldn't find any single person around me worth these lyrics or music. I want to picture my husband or my friends or my lover in these songs but couldn't. There is something more in these songs..more than our worldly love...more than our narrow desires.

I wonder what was going on at that time with the poet who wrote the lyrics or with the singer who sung them...who...they were picturing in their heart? Were their picture is of flesh and blood???

"Jiss chaman mein tere pag mein kantay chubhay....uss chaman say hamain phool chunna nahi", or, " tum ko manao kaisay manay nahi jee a raa".... I only feel this love or loyalty or desire or falling only towards my MAKER - Allah.

Only HE - ALLAH worth these lyrics, no flesh can have such striking personality that our one glimpse on him/her explode such feelings of being romantic inside us.

Now, I don't want to be the offensive one, who think of Allah while listening to music as in Islam music is forbided. Nor I can say this to ALLAH that I want to be romantic with YOU.

But, this is how it is with me....I cant help it...whenever I see flowers blooming...clear sky or dense with black clouds.... chuckle of a little baby... moon...stars...sun... morning fresh air... morning itself or whenever I hear music I picture HIM and starts feeling romantic.

I mean what a personality HE has.... so much variety... so many levels... so many ways of sending us the hints.... I cant help but feel romantic with YOU...hmmm.


  1. There is romance here but I think you're being deliberately wishy-washy.

  2. Rehan,

    Maybe you could say a bit more about what you think...

    For me, I find these sentiments rather refreshing and honest...the longing for Allah is world-wide and creation-long...the HOME we want to make within ourselves, within our lives yet only can manage in part, part of the time.

    I see and hear analogies similar while perhaps not quite as personally made all the time in the great Persian, Muslim and Christian poets and in literature as well as at The Republic of Rumi.

    Perhaps there is a slight difference of temperament and personality (even the Enneagram studies?) show that we come at Allah and our relationship, prayers with Him differently...

    One of the basic ways we will all find Oneness is not only the "Suspension of Disbelief" in our literatures yet also the willingness to Suspend the Familiar while we wrestle with our various means and ways to understand the One God and the One humanity for Know and Feel and be Enraptured by the Divine, the Holy to Ultimate LOVE from our own most genuine perspectives....and...

    Then to listen to how others perceive the same...

    NO? What do you think further, Rehan? I am most interested in your own personal perspectives with these topics...

  3. I feel queasy on the bridgeless leap from Rajesh Khanna to Allah. That is all.

  4. ahh...Qayoom Sahib....thanks.

    thought I lost you but you came and reply for which I am soooo happy....

    hmm... yes there is a you said bridgeless also...

    actually what I wanted to say is just that.... I cant be romantic or feel romantic like any actors as they pretend by just coming in contact with their co-actor as it seems so so un-realistic.

    To me...only Allah impresses me in such a way that I felt romantic at once....

    hmmm...but I think I am still unable to explain.

    Rather I am feeling kind of embarrassed... :(