Sunday, October 2, 2011

Noteworthy Letters !

The correspondence started when a girl of only 12 years old found no one around her who can understand her...hmmm...

She not only wanted a good listener but also wanted a good person who can answer her.

She wanted to get inspired, she wanted to question, she wanted to raise concern.

She wanted a FRIEND.And she knows that her questions...her concerns...and her voice is larger than herself.

And thus she started the conversation with the PERSON...larger than her thoughts...and her dream.

It was her sheer good luck that she found a person of accuracy and and brotherhood was his motto and Pakistan was in his blood.

Please do visit the blog which contain correspondence deserving a wider audience.

Noteworthy Letters :


  1. Seems an interesting communication worth reaching youth of Pakistan.

  2. hmm...Dar Sahib

    YEs...they are..worth reaching everyone who really loves Pakistan.

    Thanks for your comment. I am honored.