Saturday, October 22, 2011

I am aging !

"A man who lived by digging graves survived

To ripe old age. A neighbor said: "You've thrived

For year, digging away in one routine-

Tell us the strangest thing you have ever seen."

He said: "All things considered, what's most strange

Is that for seventy years without a change

That dog, my Self, has seen me digging graves,

Yet neither dies, nor alters, nor behaves !"

Every day ends now on disappointment...hmmm....without understanding the cause of my disappointment I sleep so that I can start another day.

Looking at gray sky now contract my heart…hmm….I suffered every time I heard the singing of the birds and suffered more by changing of season.

Is it may be I am aging...most people remember age with pleasure and regrets its passing but I always see my age as bars and shackles of a jail…

I am provided with a tongue and tears…even when I will old like a hag…then why I worrying….?

What I want?

I want may be the wisdom….freedom….to open my hearts door and lighted its corners.

I am aging without gaining freedom….without any wisdom….

As a falcon I am suffering in my cage when ever I see a flock of birds flying freely in the spacious sky.

It is ok for those who born dead and who exist like a frozen corpses but the person who feels much and know little is the most unfortunate creature under the sun.

I don’t want to be a gravedigger who digs grave for others but could never change himself.

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  1. This world is a cage for the righteous, but is heaven for the devilish.
    Gorken is sick and tired of the same daily routine, that's why change is an option available to all including him to get free of bordem - because FREEDOM from the world-cage is unpredictable.
    A grave digger's comparing with a caged falcon is little too exagerated to hide his own limited approach artificially caused due to his own laziness and incompetence.