Saturday, October 8, 2011

My Fair Van Wala

For my Van Wala(Driver)…hmm…Driving is like completing a puzzle game.

While running towards the halted cars in front of red signal he always try best to settle his van in between the little gaps other cars left by either mistake or overlooking and when he did it we find our van in between and small cars like we have crammed our van...

...and I can see the pride on my Van Wala face that he completed the satisfied him on his right guess that the space will accommodate our van.

Once you enter the long route where you will see and will accompany so many cars for a while like a cheap video game which keep repeating the same vision...and it become very hard to keep your eyes off from the other drivers who get irritated by his uncertain overtaking...needless horns and turning right or left without indicators...most of the time showing or waiving their hand’s middle finger to him.

But nothing can stop him and he keep on fancying the other drivers by driving closer to them or always keep his van ahead of their cars.

But the real adventure starts when we have BUS or a TRUCK as our company...he never miss any chance to run along the BUS with only few inches gap in between, always try his best to use breaks when he is at the front of the bus and always turn left or right when there is inches gap between van’s bumper and bus’s front grill…

All of the girls in the van get irritated by his driving in such dare as he never let any other car (big or small) bully his driving.

He has been ticketed by the Traffic controller constable so many times and his driving license and van’s paper are been confiscated by the controller long time ago…so now if we are stopped by any of the constable and asked to provide the driving license or van’s paper…”its already with you guys” is his answer…I don’t think he ever care to pay the ticket to get his papers back.

There are certain things he never cared about:

1: Signals (either RED or Green…hmm)
2: Stray Animals (like cats, dogs, cows, even camels can’t slow him down)
3: Traffic Constable
4: Road crossing people…poor pessengers dropped by our super active busses in the middle of the road
5: Zebra Line (ahh…what’s that…?)

Since I joined the van I always try to calm him and asked him to slow down...

We never wanted him to speed...and he never took a heed.

But now I am so much in a habit of his driving that I don’t like my beloved husband’s slow driving…ahh…I mean normal driving.

I always used to think that what kind of the driving school he took his driving lessons from...what his driving teachers used to look like…

Until one day I asked him...from where he learned driving.

"I learned it from my brother…he gave me free driving lessons." he said.

"hmm…its very generous of him and what he do?" I smiled.

"He works for EDHI foundation and he is an AMBULANCE driver." He innocently told me.

hmmm…that....explained everything…..


  1. :D seriously, after listening to his answer, we all were calm and satisfied as we got to know the reason at last!

    And we named our van a 'Dragon Coaster' :D

  2. There are so many hypered drivers in Pakistan respecting no laws or mannerism.

    Rushing through congestion and bumper to bumper traffic is a shameful example of selfishness and silliness.
    Some do that for fun or showing off to impress upon others specially our sisters and daughters.

    If there is no respect for the rule of law, the country is naturally headed for disaster; is doomed sooner or later.

    While in Lahore last april, I had to fire our driver for the same reason. A 23 year old fellow loved to street race ignoring the risks.

    My next driver was such a gentle man who followed all the rules as if he had been trained in Canada.
    Lahore traffic Warden is a wonderful policing experience --no chance for bribery as is the case with Motorway police.

  3. interesting...and so is tariq comment..hey thanks friend for staying connected:)

  4. Dear All

    Thank you so much for coming.

    I am honored.

  5. ha haaaaaaa funny...
    love the driving lesson history!
    good one!