Sunday, October 30, 2011

I don't want to work !

My mom always reminded all 3 of us (daughters) to "study independent....never rely on a man to take care of you - even if you married a super rich must work and you must be independent -men are NOT reliable and the minute you stretch your hand out for'll lost their respect!"....

hmmm…rather harsh but....that's how most girls my generation were brought up - I think.

I was watching a programme on TV the other day and realised that those who fought hard for women's right to work would be rather appalled when they realised that actually there are many many many women who view it their rights NOT TO WORK!

…including me….

Increasingly, there are many young women who deem it their absolutely right to stay at home - and that it is the men who have to go out and support the women.

…including me….

Some women felt that if they are married to someone....then everything the guys own then belong to them and that the men would have to pay everything because by nature of being women....they will 'lose out‘ after marriage.

So….the poor guy would need to continue to demonstrate love and care and 'compensate' the woman for agreeing to marry him.

Admittedly….it's always nice to have a super rich man (or a super rich dad!) because I can then choose to do whatever I want at whatever salary and not worry about my credit card bills or mortgage or my next holiday etc.

But...that would be 'lucky'(hmmm...which I highly doubt I am) -- and I would still wanna work -
My money is still my money - his money...hhmmm....would be nice to have a bit of that too!! :) am not materialistic and I am definitely not a feminist -

Just realistic! ;)


  1. A very sensitive issue you've touched Thinking !
    Women should have the choice if they wanna work or not.

  2. Thinking,

    Read all pending posts. Had a good laugh at Waheed and Zaiba one. If you know your shortcomings why not to overcome those? It is true that after marriage a girl is expected to give up job but it is not fair at all. It should be left to her to decide, as in her case she must continue to practice. If one is not warm hearted, then he or she will never be happy. Needless to say that it should be left to girl to decide to work or not to.

    Take care

  3. Thinking,

    Oh, I missed. Congratulations on completing 3 years here. May we see you for a long time to come. Vanwala was so realistic.

    Take care

  4. I`m so with you! Women should be independent enough to fulfill their own expenses atleast.

    Great post,follow each other?

  5. Oh-I just realized that we already ARE following each other :$ hehe,stupid me :D Keep posting! I`m staying tuned.

  6. Thinking!
    I am glad to see your love for realism, not feminism.
    Man is made to work his butt off to bring food home on the dining table and provide for the household; yet that doesn’t licence him to be rough and tough towards his wife. Wife is to be handled with care and tenderness.
    Naturally, both of them need each other. Indeed, marriage is not mandatory, it’s only recommended for being on the safe side in the society where eagles and vultures live who are always waiting for the potential targets from amongst the vulnerable ones.
    I am implying here the security needed by the female folks.
    The woman has a right to work outside just for a little bit of more income provided her household is not disturbed.
    Whether a woman should work and whether she should enter into marital bond –is a debatable issue.
    But one thing is sure that if ladies don’t want to work, then they need to enter into spousal relationship to be protected and cared for under all eventualities.

    Thinking ji! think about coming over to my newly posted article awaiting for your glamorous comment.

  7. Ermmm... I won't go into this debate, but i smelled some "Ego" in this post :)

    Of course your money is yours :D nobody's going to snatch that... lol

  8. Good topic, women should have a choice and we do

  9. hmmm...Dear All...

    Thank you so much for coming on my blog and taking time to read...

    I am honored.

  10. hahah what a nice post..Hi friend, thanks for keeping patience with me and not getting annoyed as I was tied up for some time..sure u doing well..stay connected n keep the cheers..wishes always u r a wonderful friend