Tuesday, October 11, 2011


The very word..hmm...

SELF…elicit strong emotion...

hmm... excitement... hesitation...

...or may be even confusion.

Where do Self come from?

How do you find it or use it?

And most importantly...do you have one?

The exciting part of discovering your SELF is that you grow into it and with it !

SELF can be what gets you up in the morning...hmm...or makes you feel alive.

It's the once area of life that you feel like you were created for the very purpose of doing.

It's also where you feel the Allah's pleasure or presence the most.

Our Maker gives us SELF as a way to give us part of Himself.

Have you ever stop and asked any of these questions to you:

1: What breaks you heart and baffles your mind?
2: What si the one thing in life you can't stand?
3: Why did you get up this morning?
4: What makes you weep with joy or sorrow?
5: In what area did the Maker give you talents?

Actually finding yourself depends on your passion.

You should first find out what your passion is....you should pray to Allah to reveal to you your passion...or how to know about it if you already have one !

I am passionate about being a writer.

Passion takes you from WHAT to WHY. Writing is my passion but why writing is my passion is the question.

Actually it arises from our heart....try to find WHAT is the WHY of your passion.

The root of our passions came from either joy or pain in our lives.

Writing became my passion because I find solace in it when people didn't want to listen to me I started writing.

Suffering and pain are often the means the Lord uses to make us passionate about changing something and making a difference to the world.

Some of our greatest passions come from our biggest wounds.

Writing gives me joy.

Passion helps you inspire people....you can create and you can make a difference in the world with your passion. And bringing a change in this world is another joy.

Try to find your passion...what gives you joy...what basically you think you should do...and by finding these answers you will find yourself.

Don't get afraid of your passion....because this is the first step to find yourself.



  1. Apnay Mann main doob ker pa jaa suragh-e-zindgagi
    too gar m era nahin banta naa bann apna tou benn.

    The Self is something about our own person.
    Self-Awareness enables us to evaluate our selves.
    passion for writing is something not everybody has; so it's very individual thing. And one must do self recognition to live a life of khudi.
    We need to earn respect based on our hard work rather than getting everything for free or through beggar's bowl.
    Allah muaaf karey and Mr ? percent sey safe rakhay.

  2. Asalamu alaikum, I gave you an award over on my blog!

  3. This post is translucent with a shimmering perfection. There's a wholeness and authenticity here and yet there's such simple clarity at the same time. One of your best and I've read nothing better on the topic.

    Thanx for the gift of yourself here and the time to write this for the rest of us.

    Never stop writing.

  4. Dear All

    Thank you so much for coming.

    I am honored.