Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Waheed and I have been almost inseparable for about a year now.

More precisely....since August 15th...hmmm....

The same day that Zaiba moved out of my life.

To be honest.... I dumped Zaiba without warning and took up with Waheed.

Relationship with Zaiba had been difficult from the start.

Zaiba was demanding...hmmm....always craving my attention. And I can never get her to do what I want her to.

Waheed on the other solid...easy to read....dependable.

I really feel comfortable with Waheed....probably because I felt in control of the relationship.

Zaiba...hmmm....on the other hand....made me examine my own weaknesses....mental and physical.

Yes...I admit....the problem was with me....not with Zaiba.

The fact is that I adore Waheed. And Zaiba?

Well...let’s just say that I needed her.

And through this blog I’d like to find out how other people have coped with the stress of this sort of relationship..hmmm.....Is it just me?

But let me first introduce you all with Waheed and Zaiba…

Zaiba….was my LG KS360 mobile phone.

Waheed is a sturdy Nokia N82 with line like buttons and a simple keyboard.

Zaiba had a QWERTY keyboard that means tiny buttons and small characters.

I disliked Zaiba from the start....mostly because of my own physical failings.

The keys are far too small. Or my fingers are too big....(which I highly doubt)...hmm....

Then....the letters on the keys are too small to read.

It used to take me so long to send a text. Apart from the finger size and vision issues....I’m so used to the old phone keyboards where you type the ‘ghi’ button 3 times to get the letter ‘i’, that I used to write stuff like ‘III tthhiiinnkk ssssooo’....instead of ‘I think so’.

So....yes....the problem is my brain as well as my body.

I’m conditioned....and too old to do much about it.

So I use to sent really short texts....which confuses friends and family who are used to chatty messages.

The longest text I sent from Zaiba says simply....hmm.....‘Thanks’. (Well, ‘Thakns’, actually.)

Yes...Zaiba....changed my life.

I think I have made it clear that all my problems with Zaiba are my fault.

At least they were....until August 10th....when she suddenly told me that I would....from that moment on....need a password to access her multiple functions.

Because of my pathetic fingers and even more pathetic eyes....I never manage to get the password right first time....sometimes it takes me three or four goes.

So where did I stand with Zaiba?

I must admit....the email function itself is brilliant. The password bit isn’t.

The application possibilities and media sync are great. The keyboard isn’t.

But aren’t all relationships like that? A bit of give....a bit of take…hmm...but when Zaiba refused to give me any attention....I had to give her away.

Well....It’s been fun to get things off my chest.

I hope Zaiba will forgive me dumping her for Waheed.


  1. And what if Zeba says, "Akele na jana hamien chhorr ker tum?"

  2. What if zaiba says, "tairee galyon main na rekhayn gey qaddam aaj key baad?"
    And, what if Waheed becomes more demanding and claims, "Tairay piyaar ka asraa chahtaa hoon--wafaa ker rehaa hoon wafa chahtaa hoon?"

    Ya phir bolay, "kerna tha inkar megar iqrar tumhee sey kar baidhay?"

    Thinking ji! first I thought you are talking about a pair of cats.

    Nice funny one--keep it up.

  3. We cease to love because we cease to give
    But go on living for we have to live

  4. I loved this post..Its as if you poured your heart in each and every word. Especially loved the way you tried to keep the element of humor alive in such a sentimental piece (: I`m honored you followed,following you right back! :D <3

  5. hmmm...Dear All....thank you so much for coming.

    I am honored.

  6. lolzzz..
    I was assuming them to be humans in form of maid or somebody!