Wednesday, October 12, 2011


My blog has finally completed its third year…hmmm….

Because I was not in a habit of sharing my thoughts to people face to face…hmm…I started this blog. I am not shy but something always stops me whenever I say anything that whether my opponent has any interest…who knows…s/he doesn’t.

When I first started blogging…I worried about not being able to sustain it because I might run out of ideas to write about.

Although I’m quite opinionated…I often do not go about publishing all my thoughts online…ahh…I can’t be that vernacular online…you know…I’d rather much keep them to myself or write them in my notebook. In writing you have to be very careful since you can’t always express clearly what you want to say.

I thought lack of content to write about will someday be the reason that I will just leave this blog lying around the cyber world….abandoned.

Although I have only few close people around me such as:

1: Beloved Husband

2: My ailing Mother

3: ME

4: My limited dear Friends

I always find something amusing to share with you people everyday while only few get the privilege to finally come up as a blog post.

3 years has passed and I can’t count how many post I published…deleted and how many posts I have saved as draft. But whatever I published here I found tremendous comments and attention from wonderful reader/visitors.

My gratitude goes out to the people whom I shared several of my experiences that I’ve documented in this blog and to those who helped I made those experiences come true.

Of course to the readers (so really, are you one of the 115?), my appreciation goes out to you.

I hope I somehow provided a bit of knowledge (which I highly doubt)…suggestions…opinions and humor to your life.

Thanks for checking out my blog once in a while…it means a lot that some people are actually interested in reading about my craziness.

Most of all…thanks to those who were both with me and continuously read this site at the same time. I couldn’t have done this without you.

So…want to send me some love?

Or do you have suggestions as to what you want to read?

Type something in the comment box and hit “submit”. I love reading comments.

Till the 4th year....

I hope...hmmm...!


  1. hmmm....I am sorry by mistake I deleted this comment which I get from my one of the reader:

    Anonymous has left a new comment on the post "Blogoversary":

    You did run out of ideas. That's why you plagiarised several of us. What I don't want to read is my posts recycled on your blog, so I hope you can think of your own content for your readers.

    I doubt you will leave this comment for your readers to see, but hopefully you will read it and take it on board before you delete it.

    I hope this mistake of mine will not offend him/her more.

    I am sorry if I have been rude or not nice with you recently.

    Rest assure I will not steal any post or recycle your posts again.

    Thanks and I would love to have you as my reader on my blog or may be ask you to help me with my writings too.

    I am honored.

  2. Thinking.. your acquaintances will know you in thousand years and your friend will know you better in the first minute (as somebody said) you dont have to give any explanations.. :)

    and btw happy third birthday to your blog..may it has many more..:)

  3. hmmm....Dear Huma

    I am honored and thank you so much for the comment.

    Its honor to have you as my reader....

    Thanks again.

  4. Your love for Allah n your country is soo inspiring ! Loved that :)

  5. Dear Sadaf....

    Thank you so much.

    I am glad to have you on this post.

    I am honored...thank you so much for coming.

  6. Your blog lasted that long? I hope my blog lasts as long, I just started it... btw happy third bday to your blog!

  7. hmmm...kimberly....

    Be stick to it and you will survive....

    hmm....good luck !

    And I am honored.

  8. Congratulations! Keep writing...I have been blogging for several years, but only became dedicated to it the end of 2009.

  9. Three years of absolute versatile expressions, making micro the macro, great sensibility in narrating sensitivity and profoundly readable material is what this blog is all about. Congratulations Thinking on this splendid journey.

  10. Dear Susie...

    Thank you so much.

    I am honored that you find time for me.

    Thanks again.

  11. hmmm....Dar Sahib....

    And I found you at every step of this Journey with me back up all the time and support one needs time to a good friend.

    I am honored that you think of my blog like this.

    Thank you so much.

  12. I don't know why you are congratulating you yourself? Are you sure people really liked whatever you wrote here as I can't see that much rush here since I found out your truth.this is morally not nice to fool people around without any reason and just to have fun.

  13. Dear Sharmeela....

    Though your comment content are not nice enough to be still lying online...however...I promised myself to keep every comment on this post even criticism like yours too.... are also one of my reader and I should be thankful to you too...

    Thanks !

  14. Congratulations!
    Sorry this is a little late, but it just showed up on my dashboard!