Saturday, October 15, 2011

My Failure !

When I was a little girl I was determined to make my name prominent in this world…hmmm...

I strongly detest to even thinking of just filling up the space of this world and not doing anything extra ordinary..hmm....

I loved so many and make so many beloved…but unfortunately couldn’t become a beloved myself to anyone…

I totally failed in love…hmm...

I wanted to be FREE….I wanted to be free of the way people think about me….I wanted to be free of what everyone expects from me…I wanted to become a spirit…ghost…who don’t need barriers….

But my freedom turns out to be my failure as an accomplished person….

My failure as a daughter restricts me to become a mother…I am afraid of having children…

My failure as a good human restricts me to meet people and makes me hide myself in internet…where people know me the way I tell them…

I hide myself because I don’t want to accept the fact that I have failed in this life…

My failure as a morally strong person hurts me and restricts me to accept my defeat...

So now…I am leaving my hiding place...I will confront the truth...I will accept my defeat.


  1. Your blog reminds me of 2 verses. One from Ghalib:

    Mohabbat men nehin hei farq jiney or marney ka
    Ussi ko dekhh kur jitey hen jis kafir pei dum nikley

    And another by Obaidullah Aleem:

    Kahan shikast hui or kahan silla paya
    Kissi ka ishq kissi sei nibayta tha mei

  2. You are right that your accomplishment is your failure, because people usually succeed through failures.
    In order to succeed, you have to admit failure first and then try again.
    In other words, a failure means you haven't succeeded yet, so try again.
    In a way, accepting failure is a positive step forward to try a different route to reach your destination.

  3. hmmm... I thought it takes ages to accept defeat; because we keep fighting on and keep exploring world outthere with this tag that no one is perfect. I hope your exploration of becoming a good mother ; good daughter; good wife will never stop. it should never....why to when God is giving us chances.Like breaths we are taking brings a new hope ...hmmm take care