Wednesday, November 2, 2011

I am Malika Bahar !

Now how a woman would feel when wherever she goes she takes spring with her...fill the air with scent?

How lovely it is to have such charm and personality that spring is a constant attribute everyone relates to you?

How fascinating it is just to think of getting at once the whole attention of your surrounding by just arriving between them….?

So I am Malika Bahar !

1: I can ask for long vacations from my manager…capture by my charm…he without any hesitation sign my vacation request….to him…a smile…hmm....would be life time provision.

2: If I stand at the bus stop every big...air conditioned car stops by me and wait on me to get my attention..hmmm…to them…a ride…would be life time provision.

3: In family gatherings…when I about to take entry the whole hall suddenly broke into shouts of my praise…Spring is here…Spring has come… they see the flowers starts blooming and there is a breeze of fresh scented air everywhere…to presence…would be life time provision.

4: When I finally reach in the hall they…leave their seat to see my resplendent face and world-adorning beauty(except my mother as I know she would not sustain anything for me whatever I become) everyone bow down and fight to reach for my hand….to them…a touch…would be life time provision.

5: When I visit my In-Laws….hmmm....they all cry out loudly…and say…”we are your admirers and followers....we are ready to sacrifice ourselves like moths on the burning taper of your resplendent aspect. Show us favour in our miserable condition. Admit us into your servitude, O Dear one! Augment our honor by allowing us to wait upon you.”…to them…YES....would be life time provision.

6: When I come back home…beautiful moonlike girl workers spread an ermine carpet on the floor…they welcome me and request to take my place on jewel-encrusted bed with lamps and bouquets placed before me. They help me dress a luxurious night gown covered with jewels and held a hot chocolate cup besides my bed whole night waited on me if I needed anything else…to them…my sleep…..would be life time provision. I have to tell you...that...I am (alas) not or can’t be (which I doubt) Malika Bahar at all....?

But just think....what if I am Malika Bahar....what would you as a Malika Bahar reader be doing right now?...hmm....?

Inspired by character Malika Bahara taken from Tilism-e-Hoshruba is an epic narrative of the adventures of the legendary Persian hero Emir Hamza—the protagonist of Hamza Nama—his sons and grandsons. The epic opens with the commander-in-chief of the Islamic army, Hamza, pursuing Laqa, who makes false claims to divinity.

Aided by powerful allies and beset at every step by magical snares, dangerous enchantments and seductive sorceresses, the Islamic army finally conquers Hoshruba.

Malika Bahar was at first enemy but when she see the truth and spirit of Muslims...she on the promise to herself that after the war between evil and truth she will renounced her magic...joined the Muslim army and fought with them.

She has the spell of BAHAR (spring)...she takes spring with her...she throws the bouquets in the air to spell the magic on the enemy...she never needs army since everyone get spell bound to her only on her arrival in between them. She was smart and intelligent and knows how to play her cards.


  1. Dear Thinking,

    Even on first reading with no background at all what I am most spell-bound by is your constant originality, humor and the smiles you are able to evoke.

    Here's what I would as a "Malika Bahar reader be doing" as you asked, upon first reading:

    A) I would want to read MUCH more...

    B) I would be so glad for your most original, beautiful and wholesome way to bring Spring beauty and newness into war...therefore to bring peace to such violence yet not only peace but alas a kind that is not boring at all.

    C)I would say to Malika Bahar, but I know someone who is like you and her name is THINKING who despite so many challenges in her as yet very young life is able to always have a story and who carries with her the vision and newness of Spring.