Saturday, November 5, 2011

Marriage Bed

I don't know if it's just me…hmmmmm…if it runs in the family or if it's just something that happens when one hits a certain age.

When I was young-er...hmmm....I used to think that it's really quite 'romantic' to share a bed with someone we love.

But now….I am very particular about my bed….which side of the bed I hop in and which side I hop out…where the alarm clock sits….where pillows will lay and how they are set up.

And...sharing my bed - hmmm….I kind a don't like that at all. I can't really get a good sleep sharing bed with anyone...hmm....

I am conscious of every movement…the slight snoring….the breathing and the 'limited space' for any stretching.

When I was really young….we used to visit our ancestral home where my great grandpa and my 2 great grandmas lived with a 'million' other relatives.

We used to have to go from greatgrandpa's room to greatgrandma No1 and then greatgrandma No2 during summer holidays…then it was our duty to visit all three in the morning to pay respect.

All three of them had big beds in reasonable-sized bedrooms. All three sleeping separately. I remembered asking mom why they all had individual rooms…and mom's reply was - That's what old people do.

My grandpa and grandma were the same - they both slept separately. At that time….the young naive romantic me thought to myself that I would never ever sleep in separate rooms/bed with my husband - NEVER!

hmmmmm... I am not so sure now. I think a good night sleep is important. Having someone fidgeting left….right and centre beside me ruin it.

I am begining to believe that mom is probably right. – OLD people need to sleep in separate beds/rooms - so that they can have proper rest!

A friend of mine told me that he sleeps much better and straight through the night when he is on business trips in a hotel compared to when he is at home as he is a light sleeper and every little move that his wife made will 'disturb' him. He really quite enjoys sleeping in hotel beds - the Westin 'heavenly' beds are apparently the best!

I think…a good night's sleep is the most important thing ever. Maybe it's not just 'old' people.

Maybe young people never quite realised that's all just social conventions and norms that can be broken - who says marriage couple must share a bed?

Sleeping in separate rooms/beds does not prevent us from leading 'normal' marriage life.

In might do wonder for 'the happiness' barometer. A good night sleep means we are energetic...we are clear headed...we are happy ;;; :)...

Must try the Westin 'heavenly' bed sometime soon...hmmm….


  1. hmmm---- dont know about it but the room in picture is quite attarctive =) i would like to jump over it and sleep the way i like to taking as much space as possible:P rolling and havinga really good night sleep =)

  2. You are ninety nine percent right.
    Sleep disorder has to be eliminated for good health.
    However, in younger age, sharing the bed is a biological need too. And, chemistry of marital parteners becomes less attrative as aging takes it's own natural course.

    It's said,"Marriage kills love."

    But the truth is: What can you do when love starts after marriage--?
    As seen, it gradually fades away and is taken over by personal preferences.

  3. Oh would I could subdue the flesh
    Which sadly troubles me!
    And then perhaps could view the flesh
    As though I never knew the flesh
    And merry misery.

    Get down from me! I thunder there,
    You spaniels! Shut your jaws!
    Your teeth are stuffed with underwear,
    Suspenders torn asunder there
    And buttocks in your paws!

    (Sir John Betjeman. 'Senex').

  4. Hmm...I don't know what to say...I guess, I will have to wait until marriage happens for me and wait a little more after that to see if I would still prefer a separate bed.

  5. that's an interesting opinion you have there:) made me smile, i don't know why. anyway, i do think that it is important to share a bed, bcz i have actually experienced times when being physically close to your spouse solves a lot of emotional problems as well. But i guess that can change with time, once you get emotionally settled in your marriage... can't tell as yet, will have to wait and see=P