Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Exceptional

I am not here to sell Waheed Murad..hmm....

So I will not talk about his rise and fall during his acting and production career though this rise and fall is common in Performing Art Industry.

What I am to talk about here is that he was exceptional in every way…besides his best acting, he was accomplished producer, a good friend and a good human being.

What made him exceptional is his far sightedness on topics he chooses for the movies under his production.

Which was of course not been noticed by the audiences but since he touched the common man with the topics which united them before as well and in result the beloved Pakistan emerged....he readily captured the audience.

Intentionally or unintentionally he choose the subjects related to the history or present state of Pakistan or its people and this made his movies being readily accepted by every class.

Have you ever listen to any of his movie song as National songs or song which relate to the present state of Pakistan or may be related to the history of Pakistan?

Have you notice the point at which you feel yourself united with your brethren while listening to any of the songs from Waheed Murad movie and have you ever get a chance to listen to the song while imagining the Pakistan’s present state?

If you have not…than let me give your imagination powers one more world to ponder in and where your conscience will love to wander…

Listen to the song I am giving a link below:

And consider the wordings:

Ek naye moor pay lay aye hain halaat mujhay
Dil nay jo mangi wohi mill gayee soghat mujhay

Door rah ker bhi khayaloon mein mere pass ho tum
Kitnay pyaray hain yeah jazbaat yeah lamhaat mujhay

Dil mein ek ajnabi ehsaas key khushboo jagi
Ajj lagty hay her ek baat nayee baat mujhay

Tum kabhi khud ko meri ankhon say chup ker daikho
Kia kahoon tum mein nazr atty hay kia baat mujhay

Now close your eyes and consider the feelings of sub-continent’s Muslim who are dreaming about their new state where they will have the freedom of their choice…where they can pursue their dreams their own way…where they will have the freedom of performing best in their religion…where they can earn the production and where they can get the share in Government.

The wording of the above song exactly match the feelings of the Sub-Continent Muslim who are at the verge of making decision to migrate to their new born state.

Its Waheed Murad’s Death Anniversary on Wednesday, 23 November …

I want to dedicate this song to him and want to salute the artist for bringing the Pakistani Cinema the lustre and shine it lacked before him joining the party.

May Allah rest his soul in peace. Ameen.

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  1. This boy Waheed almost of my mom's age more or less; - performed to make others happy by his amusing style but deep inside there is a pain and message. This is very disturbing that the cause of his death is shrouded in mystery.

    Anyway, your post is very enlightening and a source of exciting information for the newer youth, and the heading is more than perfect.
    You are hell of a decent writer. kudos!

  2. I really like the way you have looked beyond the obvious meaning of the lyrics and related it to a more objective situation. i.e the currant affairs of our country.Really liked reading your take on the subject.

  3. Waheed Murad was such a versatile actor that his methods and acting style was taught in Indian film academies, famous actors in the Indian film industry copied his style but the grace of movements that God had gifted him could not be copied and tell this day he is a unique stylist of his kind.

  4. What a beautiful, heartfelt and passionate piece of excellent writing. This compels me as well to go further in the gems I already know and understand to a small degree about this one man's radiant depth. I love the symbolism in his work which has been demonstrated here at RR.
    Blessed Death Anniversary to Waheed Murad.

  5. Thank you very much for writing such a wonderful post as well as starting this string of blog posts among the entire RR circle

  6. WM was indeed had versatility but your powerful explanation has introduced all of us with this theme in his classics. its no less than a wonder.... great job.

  7. See what a gift your writing and reflective gifts bring forth...

  8. Thank you for writing on him.

  9. dint know abt him ...thanks for sharing!!

  10. interesting, but i havent heard of him...d song was gr8 though:)