Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Too short !

I am not conservative…hmm….or may be I am…. - well....I don't think I am.

But….there are certain things which I am just not able to get over.

And its about women apparel in the office building…

Sleeve less shirts….I mean very deep sleeve less shirts….or very short skirts or hot pants during office hours - matched with stiletto heels!

I can't tell anymore if it's a very wide belt or just an extremely sleeveless shirt!

This morning…(hmm….I envy all those who were enjoying their time at home while me lonely person was working alone….not exactly alone…I had three other young colleagues…in between I consider Brian D’ Souza as my PET)…. and as I walked into the office building….my eyes were exposed to high amounts of 'flesh' and it just didn't feel quite right.

If it had been my own colleague I would have given her my white dupatta to cover her up…since we were having strong Air Conditioning in the office….but she turned to the other building which means she is working in some other nearby office…but she left we wondering…

I think we have moved quite far from matching power suits to 'casual but professional' in the last few years but….the current 'office fashion' around town certainly takes it all to a new height.

Well….maybe I am conservative after all. But I don't think mixing weekend and beach wear with work fashion is 'appropriate'...

Since….my mother used to say….hmm….'some things are best left covered – otherwise….our men will have nothing left to the imagination' …..

By the way did I mention that there is a big…fat…and quite ugly lizard in our Office kitchen?

And I am the poor one who can’t live without tea….hmmm…..


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  2. Tariq Mian said...
    perdhay main rehnay dou, perdha jo udh gia tou bhade khul jai gaa.
    Wasey be: I like the following:
    poocha jo akber ney bibiyoun sey perdha kidher giaa
    boleen key aql pey merdon ki per giaa
    You may correct the sher.

    *****Yes, your mom is right-- there should be something left for men to imagine-------

    ****Some ladies want to become a display item which is bad for them being vulnerable themselves.
    Any man can get out of control due to their lustful eyes while looking at such thing in the nudeness.

    Best is covering properly, and "AURAT" means "hidden," but the fashion industry doesn't care about any requirement or values.

    That's the way they are.

  3. u cant live without t? i cant without coffee... hey good post as usual yar..:)

  4. "I consider Brian D’ Souza as my PET" Does tgus guy knows you mentioned him here? just a question. Its so rude!!!

  5. Faiz Ahmed Faiz said "Aurat kei uzv e nihani us kei sur sei paon tak hoten hen."

  6. nice!
    belonging to fashion industry..I have a difference in opinion..
    Fashion means something which speaks.. not necessarily nudity But getting dressed like mummy is also not appreciated!