Monday, November 14, 2011

Show some respect !

I and beloved husband were waiting for a lift whilst waiting….a couple joined me...hmm...

A very young….quite attractive woman and a middle aged man.

She was holding on to his little finger -- quite affectionately.

She couldn't stop talking - in quite a fast mode and very high pitch (rather annoying)....he was all quiet....looking very stern and expressionless-

hmm...and then....the lift door open and he very abruptly and loudly said "KEEP QUIET" ....

At that moment…we (me and my beloved husband looked at each other) must have exhibit some kind of expression which I think annoyed the girl…..but my actual response was to kick the man - for being rude to his " wife" ... not sure what my beloved husband had in mind…

hmmm...I admit….she was noisy and I would have liked for her to stop talking but….that I thought was absolutely disrespectful.

She shut up immediately and still held on to his little finger. His face was still expressionless - slightly charcoal black....she seemed oblivious to it all....

I guess some people can't put up with lots and maybe he's in a bad mood and maybe... she's just really noise and needs to be told off!

I remember once I was in a shop and at the payment bar…the husband when he didn’t find his credit card in his wallet started shouting at his wife for not checking before leaving home.

There are so many times when I have to hold my breath…anger...hmmm and tongue to my husband just because we are surrounded with strangers and I am sure my beloved husband done same with me…I think more than I for him…

I vote for respect to your partner - whatever the situation.

If you choose gotta live with it!


  1. Both of the spouses are supposed to respect each other; that boosts their mutual love and understanding.
    Such an attitude is loved by ALLAH subhanahu wa taalaa.
    Plus the couple becomes a good role model for their kids and there is peace at home.
    Anger is haraam;so must be avoided.
    I am in agreement with the way you are thinking Mrs. Thinking.

  2. I would go on to say showing decency to one family members is not respect , it humanism !
    Now that you have touched the topic of respect for woman Thinking , I would like to draw your attention to a excerpt from Ashfaq Ahmad's Mun Chuly Ka Sauda

    I was really intrigued by this dialogue... one can have only one of the two things at a time , either love or respect !

    I can't comment about spouses but in matters of friends , Ashfaq' Ahmad's point holds true. It would be a Hegelian clash to want fun and respect from a friend at the same time. One can always respect a person who is all aloof and distant but it takes a great deal of humanism to show respect to those whose all life is an open book for us, namely our family members and spouses. Perhaps thats why Prophet SAW said : If you want to check the Ikhlaaq of a person, see how he treats his household

  3. If she was 'oblivious to it all', then why should we give it any thought? Maybe, that's the way they have got used to living with each other. I know one couple who has been quarreling with each other in public for the last 20 years; haven't yet got tired of it or of each other, it seems.

    Remember the old saying: "Familiarity breeds contempt".

  4. true! i believe that u cannot truly love someone if u cant show respect.