Thursday, January 27, 2011

How have I been ?

Things have been a bit topsy turvy in the life of Thinking recently.

My recent leg injury has shattered my confidence…hmm…something I thought would never happen.

Being not the most confident person…I couldn't really afford to lose any but I have...

Unable to even back the car out of the garage…walk to the gate…go out for a meal with friends…and in some cases even be alone.

But it's also knocked my confidence with the blog too.

You know me…hmmm….I love to blog.

And the other day I made a decision that was typically spontaneous of me….

The decision I had made was to take a break from blogging.

I was ready to pack my virtual bags…switch off the computer…say goodbye.

But I can't.

And I won't.

I have too much to say and lots of friends to say it to.

I'm an unsociable old bugger and wanted to make some friends - of which I have done in droves via this wonderful creation called the Internet.

To each and every one…I am continuously grateful for your time in reading my blog…hmmm…

If you want to leave a comment then you know how much I love to hear from you…if you don't want to leave a comment….perhaps you don't have time or you just feel you have nothing to say…then that's fine too.

But I promise to reply to you on my comments page if you do.

Some people write for an audience…some write for fun…others write for themselves.

The reason why I write on my blog?

All three reasons. Always have…always will.

I need to get back on my feet and shake off this lack of confidence.

I don't know how I'll do it yet….but I was hoping that your presence might help me.

I really can't face the doctor again!

Just want to forget about it the way it never ever happened!

hmm....Love…as always…



  1. hmmm..this one made me feel guilty. for not being able to comment on your blog though I read it. Well from now on even if I don't have time to comment on your blog in-depth..I'll sure make time to drop a smiley of my mood.. ;-) :P

  2. keep writing n keep posting good stuff here.... though its my first visit here at ur space, but will come back soon to go through ur new write up....GET WELL SOON.. BEST WISHES :)

  3. I apologize . For not being regular and not commenting as I used to do ! Though I must mention that whenever I sign into blogger I always read your posts . Your post I find unique and always there is something to relate . Continue publishing your thoughts here , I love to read 'em :)
    Take care !

  4. aww... I hope you feel better soon, and once you do, the confidence will come back too :-)

  5. get well soon..cheer up!!
    this will pass soon you will be back action...
    tc :)

  6. Keep blogging, don't block ideas, Get well Soon !

  7. Thinking, I pray for your health and prosperity and I want you to keep writing.

    I read your blog regularly but don't comment most of the time just due to the reasons you have mentioned but I love your writing.

  8. Awww. I am really sorry to hear about the injury. But hey don't let it bog you down!!! Instead take this time and think about your life, yourself, your goals. :)
    I just recovered from chicken pox and trust me there is nothing more confidence-breaking than the scars of chicken pox, but I know if I start letting go of my confidence, I would harm me in the long run.
    Just like that, think about your good. :)

  9. hey buddy sad to hear about the injury yaar..u r a good friend and v all pray for yr early recovery...hey a pat to u boss 4 deciding against stopping blogging..way to go buddy...this is one place v get linked to the world..and know all the world is not lincoln said..for every scoundrel there r good ones, cheer up..wishes always...

  10. Awwww! My Thinking.. You know I read your blog and now I am posting a comment as well :D
    Get well soon and come back soon.. Missing you!

  11. hmm....thanks alot everyone...

    Thanks you so much for your fll of love and care comments....

    I am lucky to have you as my readers....

    Thanks again. I am honored.

  12. Its really very touching. Please try to be confident and try to be happy. Time is a thing with the greatest quality that is weather its bad time or good its always passes. SO may be you are going through bad time but rest assure it will pass. so take a Chill pill. :-D

  13. I am glad that you gave up the thought of quitting. I didn't want to lose a wonderful blogger friend like you. Get well soon. Everything has a purpose in life maybe this incident has something to tell or teach you. Have faith in yourself and get well soon.

  14. Dear Great Bloggers Talha and sulphurdreamz

    Thanks. Your comment means alot.

    I am at my aww while reading all the comments by lovely and intelligent blogger bestowed me.

    Thanks to you two.

    I am honored.

  15. Oh dear, how did it happen? Hope you are better now. It is always a pleasure reading you so don't ever think of abandoning this space. Get well soon and cheer up! Wishing you a fast recovery.
    Take care!

  16. hmm...Dear Sh@s....

    Thanks alot for your wishes...mean alot.

    And thank you...this virtual world has its own value now in our life...and now it not easy to leave it...

    And I won't.

    Thanks again. I am honored.