Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lint message !

So my mother called me that she is coming with one lost..long-time-no-news (wali) aunt from abroad with her husband.

And I did what I have to do…I did dusting…clean carpet…the spotless bed sheet…television’s remote on its hanger…books on shelf…and fresh flowers in the kitchen…beloved husband in his clean…pressed clothes...all the wall clocks displaying same time…

hmm…but who knows...I had a piece of lint.

A lint that moves from one place to another.

By unseen hands.

I even tested this on three occasions.

The lint was battered and quite big enough to be noticed by my mother.

The first time I found it was on the purple rug which lies on my bedroom carpet.

I bent down and picked it up…not taking much notice of it and throw it in the open mouthed silver dustbin which stands at the foot of my bed.

There is no other object in the dustbin…apart from the lint.

A few hours later I returned to the bedroom…barefoot.

I felt something rigid beneath my foot and once more bent down to investigate the offending object.

It was the lint.

The same lint.

I thought...hmmm..."Interesting…a message perhaps." I picked up the lint and placed it this time...in one of the dressing table drawers.

A little disappointed...it stayed in the drawer for two hours and I was tempted to move it elsewhere…as no body knows mother would by the way open the drawer and will be curious/furious to find this particular lint.

But just as I was going to go ahead in my quest....the phone rang and I became sidetracked.

The phone call took me to the kitchen at the other side of the house.

Moving on to do something else…I forgot about the mysterious lint until later that evening.

As I was about to pull back the duvet to make space to let my aunt slip under it…all of us noticed it.

On my bed.

The same lint.

My aunt smiled and put the lint on the side table by my bed. It was there to remind me that I should be more careful with my cleaning and dusting.

By the night when my guest were gone the lint has moved again.

To where...I have no idea....I have searched around and under my bed to no avail.

It will likely be the case that when I am looking for something else...perhaps even in another part of the house....the lint will reappear.

It is amazing what you can find when you are not looking.

I wonder...hmm....does this happen to you?


  1. hi..thanks a tonne ya..and wish u 2 the very best..

  2. Yes when we look for something too anxiously we fail to find it.

    Thinking a nice post.

  3. hmm...Ramesh

    Thanks and thank you so much for your comment.

  4. Dar Sahib

    So pleased to find your comment...

    Thanks for liking the post.

    I am honored.

  5. it happens so often, that when you need something u won't find it....BTW ur aunty is also interesting character, sometimes we do need these type of aunties........:P

  6. Irfan Sahib

    Thanks for coming.

    Everyone is intresting character...only we should have the ability to see..

    I am honored.

  7. Nice post, BTW can you do away "word verification" plz.

  8. If you can read Hindi, I invite you to kindly read my posting " पिन्नू का तकिया " which I'm sure, you will like.

    Best wishes.

  9. hmmm.... Stranger

    Thanks for coming...what you mean by given away the word VERIFICATION....

    Do you mean from my posts....?

    Anyways...I wish I could read HINDI....such an intresting language...

    Unfortunately I cant....

    So I will wait until you post something in English....

    I like your posts...

    Honored that you came !

  10. Ha ha ha

    yea,this happens.

    Not when when I am dusting,Of course..!

    For instance,
    I find some shirt when i don't need it and when i need it,i would throw the entire cupboard out,making my room look like a laundry and still it won't appear!

    It's quite frustrating..!

    Nice realistic post.

  11. Dear Hamza

    Thanks alot for coming.

    Yes it happen and happens alot....

    I am honored that you liked the post.

    Thank you so much !

  12. Hmmm. The Curious Case of a Wandering Lint. And its true, one is never in possession of what one needs at that given moment the most. Goes for pretty much everything in life I suppose.

  13. A Great Liar

    hmmm....thanks for coming.

    Yea...it goes for everything in life...

    Thanks again. I am honored.