Saturday, February 19, 2011

Life's lesson

I'll be honest with you..hmm..

I wasn't going to mention anything but as I feel better today...

I shall tell you about how bad I was made to feel yesterday;

I need to get it off my chest at least...hmm....

I'll keep it brief because it isn't worth banging on about.

Since my In-Laws…are busy in my brother-in-law marriage…

I talked to one of the aunt of the bride (to be) yesterday morning on phone and when I found her arguing me on some money related matter which only my mother-in-law can settle I asked her to talked to her directly…for which she made a flippant and stupid joke…and thus I closed the call abruptly.

And boy...did I regret it.

I left the wonderful lady who called the bride(to be)’s mother and whilst I went to the super market then on my way out of the laundry shop....called my beloved husband on his mobile to see what was happening.

Call after call my beloved husband received on what I'd said.

The calls points to how…

a) I had upset people.

b) I had offended people.

I was accused of cruelty and told I should be reported…

Okay…Okay….reported…to whom?

Not one of those people knew me from Adam...hmm....

They had all jumped on the bandwagon and thought they had every right to shoot me down...humiliate me and make me look like I was the wicked step-sister of the bride to be….

I was distraught...gutted...

I couldn't concentrate on my shopping and couldn't wait to get In-Laws home to send my apologies to the people I had upset.

Those who know me....knows that I am an humanitarian….I'm not against other people’s happiness nor I think that people don’t deserve to be contented…

I have a deep love for my family...always have and always will and now the bride (to be) is family.

I realized...hmm....after making a public apology through my easy it is to spread the wrong word about someone.

People take things so very seriously...the emitted word can be quickly taken out of context and we can find ourselves in hot water because

a) lack of a sense of humour

b) ignorance.

One of the people who accused me of being cruel decided to meet me.

I rejected to meet anyone.

And out of all of them...only one apologized to me for misunderstanding what I had meant.

I do not apologized to gain sympathy....nor do I want to engage in argumentative conversation.

I apologized because the last thing I ever wish to do is offend anyone...on any way at all.

It isn't in my nature.

But…some people need to accept that there are different opinions in this life...

Some of which they may not agree on...hmm...

Wouldn't we be awfully boring if we were all the same?


  1. hhmmm... its always better to avoid confrontations and arguments.... and there is no harm in apologizing even without reason, to end the confrontation...
    i think what u did from ur part is all right....
    cheer up now.....:)

  2. hmm....Irfan Sahib....

    Thanks for your comment and I am honored by your presence.

    Thanks again.

  3. its frustrating wen people take wrong meaning of ur may be we can measure up our words with such people..

  4. hmmm....majworld....

    Thanks for your commment.

    Yes...its very frustrating sometimes...thanks for coming.

  5. ..yes I agree,,with difference in opinion talk with with your..heart and soul..
    apologies..are part of life..if we bend a little..other person is willing to be humble too..that how it goes...!!
    you were right on your part thou...

  6. Dear Harman....

    Thanks alot for coming.

    I am honored that took out time for my writings...

    Thanks again.