Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Valentine !

I was once more reminded of undying love…the kind that is constantly around even after the last breath..hmm....

There is so much within my life that points to him…many events of which I can confirm with sincerity, "he made it happen".

But whilst listening to my inner voice I tell myself over and over again…if only he were still here.

If only he could hold me like he did once or twice all those years ago; if only he could tell me he loves me for all the world to hear.

If only we could have that conversation about politics and education…about work and running the business.

I wonder if I ever wanted to listen...hmm...or did I just want to sit with him...hmm...proud and content.

He stood next to my bed.

I had tried previously to sleep but his presence was too strong.

I had asked him during the night to visit me…to remind me to write emails to my family on Valentine; and he did...hmmm...

I opened my eyes….transfixed upon the darkness which surrounded my thoughts.

The distant aroma of cigar smoke encircled my senses.

I heard a shuffle; a movement of someone beside me.

My heart rate increased as I held out my hand asking for him to take it in his.

His beautiful touch against my skin was all I yearned for…

I awoke to find myself standing in a large room…a function type venue where many family friends had gathered.

People from his/my past…those who had difficulty accepting his passing stood close…waiting for him to walk by.

No smiles on faces…no voices in echo.

Daylight streamed through romantic palace open door revealed a lobby filled with silence.

And at the end of the lobby…I saw him…looking at me as though he only had eyes for me.

I did not cry.

I only tried to speak…to thank him for such luxurious gathering…for inviting me in his gathering...

The tears which stung my eyes were tears of joy…

And finally he said….”Be my Valentine…this year and always…”

I looked about me once more to compose myself…yet I found myself sad upon realising my true surroundings.

The bedroom remained in darkness.

The cigar smoke no longer lingered in the air.

I was once more alone with my thoughts...and tears.


  1. Love never dies,we might lose physical contact but the loved ones always live with us in our memories, our dreams, our souls and that contact is not inferior to the physical contact.

  2. agree with akhtar...

    Love never Dies...

  3. Heartfelt and sad. True love is so hard to find, and unfortunately just as hard to keep. And I will also second AWD's comments. He is right.

  4. indeed.. true Love has got nothing to do with physical needs.. its all about two souls being one and once anyone get true Love its always there to cherish about....

  5. Love...a word that can bring heaven on earth..if only people love and shed hatred...hmmm..wishful thinking..

  6. People die, but love is something everlasting.
    It stays in our heart for ever and ever!

  7. I am at a loss of words.
    Don't know what to say.

  8. The best and most touching post of this Valentine season I have read so far, beautifully penned in

  9. Awesome post, you have awesome ability at expressing yourself. I read somewhere
    “True love is like ghosts which everyone talks about but only a few have seen"
    Those few are fabulous people

  10. hmmm...Dear All....

    Thank you so much for coming.

    I am honored.

  11. happy..valentine!it was very nice..emotions very profound!

  12. Harman

    Thanks alot for liking the post. I am honored.

  13. There is a verse I wrote in my poem 'Catullus in London':

    ‘Yours the rhyme in every line, my Muse
    Sweetheart, be my Valentine, my Muse

    And yet:

    Dida e hosh jab khhula dekhha
    Hur taraf phir vohi khala sa tha

    Vohi men tha vohi talab dil ki
    Vohi ik ishq e narasa sa tha

    Pyaas bujh na saki kisi may sei
    Janey dil kis bala ka pyaasa tha

  14. Qayoom Sahib....

    What beautiful comment you bestowed on me...

    Thanks alot. I really enjoyed it a lot.

    I am honored that you took out so much time for this post.

    Thanks again.