Thursday, January 20, 2011


Last night I got into bed and coughed a bit...hmm..

Then a bit more...

And a bit more....

Then a long coughing fit...

I got up to get a drink of warm water...

Got back in bed...


Got up for a tissue.

Got back in bed...hmm...


"Right...that's it!" yelled beloved husband suddenly....

"I've had enough. It's been four months and you are still coughing. I can't stand it any longer.


(You get the gist)

I lay there quietly giggling away while he continued with his outburst...hmm...

I waited until he'd finished ranting then I quietly said:

"I've put up with your snoring for 3 years"


hmm !


We had yet another party this weekend..hmm....

He was taking ages to get ready.

As I was trying to get dressed and get a present wrapped and a card written...

He was more interested in doing a jigsaw...reading newspaper...playing with his cellular phone... singing in the washroom while shaving.

"What am I doing?"

I thought..."I spend all week trying to pursuade beloevd husband to do things he don't want to do...

hmm...I'm not going to do it this time as well.

I don't care if we gets to this party on time."

So I told him...

"The party starts in 30 minutes. If you want to get there on need to get ready.

If'll be late"

"I don't mind being late" he said...

"It's ages till the food anyway"


hmm !


  1. Cute story!

    All the functions I have been to never actually start on time so in our family they take forever to get ready. I am always sitting in my fancy clothes all ready to go 15 minutes before the time written on the card, and my whole family thinks I'm a little crazy!

  2. he hehe Snoring :) i liked that one nice one ..

    and the second Yayyyyyyyy that My MAN :) foood yessssssssssss who wants to go so early and sit and wait for foood :) nice one


  3. Nice post. I wanted to read some more posts buut cant just get past your 'hmmm....'s that sit in every post you've written. What up with that?!!!

  4. heheh snoring? baddd..coughing? badddd...hehe

  5. AS

    Thanks for coming...hmm...I am honored.


    Yes thats the way it is here....and we dont mind it at all too.... someone tell me that he/she is going to any ceremony just for food...makes me feel so bad.

    If someone is inviting you to his/her party you should at least have some decency....

    Thanks for coming.


    Thanks for coming and thanks for opening your blog so that I can visit have lovely blog and I will soon come back...

    Thanks for backing up my beloved husband...

    I am honored.


    Thanks for coming. Its a pleasent surprise.

    I am sorry if my 'hmmm' distract your intrest from my writings...

    I think I am in a habit of making this sound even in my real life so much that my writing also have it...but recently I have tried hard to melt my 'hmm' from my writings as far as possible...

    While few people thinks that my 'hmmm' is now crucial for my writings as breathing...

    I am on the end of my 'hmm' now....may be soon you will find my writings void of 'hmmm'.

    Thanks again. I am honored.


  6. Dear Ramesh....

    Thanks for coming.

    I am honored.

  7. hmm....thanks for coming Stranger...

    I am honroed.

  8. Hmm is synonymous with your saying those words that are subtle and resides in the hush of hmm.

  9. Dar Sahib....

    Thank you so much...

    I am honored.

  10. nice..I ts fun to have a little leg pulling among couples!!
    nice narration!

  11. Dear Harman

    Thanks for coming.

    Yes...its little happiness lie in these encounters...

    THanks again. I am honored.

  12. Good one. Snoring part was funny.
    Don't stop your hmm's....its so you. Its your signature style and at times it says more than what you have written and leaves a lot for us to imagine.

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  14. Dear Sh@s

    Thanks for liking the post and backing up on my 'hmm'...

    Yes...its SO me now....

    I am honored.

    Najam Sahib

    Its an honor to have you on my blog. Thanks for joining in.

    Thank you !

  15. 1st part is superb..
    perfect selection of words!

  16. Dear Mad Gir|

    hmm...Welcome to my blog.

    I am glad that you liked the post.

    Thank you once again.

    Keep in touch.