Monday, January 10, 2011

Flexibility !

I’ll just say it:

I’m allergic to schedules...hmmm

I like to think I’m a flexible person.

Which mean that I am ready for any work Allah would assigned me.

It also trips me up sometimes…whenever I believed that I had say YES to HIS assignment and was about to finish it(which I believed finished)…it somehow prolonged by some hidden incidents I don’t have any authority of and this exactly test my nerves.


Me too!

But I think the bottom line is very simple.

I need to be very straightforward with Allah…asking Him what His overall priorities are for this (particular) time in my life – and then sticking to them.

At the same time…when some new opportunity appears, I can send up a quick prayer for guidance.

Do I do this consistently?


But in the last few years …Allah has been helping me to internalize this fact:

Whatever my circumstances….He expects me to be a good steward of each opportunity sent by Him.

This cuts out excuses and self-pity on one hand….and overload or distraction on the other.

When I’m at home…my weeks generally consist of going to office…spending sometime with my mum…and keeping in contact with friends and family.

I like a quiet life…– and discovering a great deal of joy in doing so.

But when it comes to be talkative and laughing whole heartedly…I try my best to do the assignment properly.

I visited Lahore. Since I was there…my time as a tourist looks a lot like staying with friends:
we share meals…go out together…play music…parties…take walks…talk…and talk…and talk some more.

There’s a fine balance between being responsible for my time out…but not selfish with it...yeah??

But when we packed our bags with so much hugs and kisses we came to the Lahore Air port for departure to Karachi…the flight was delayed due to the fog in the air and thus we were sent back to the hotel.

I secretly yelled in my heart…claimed someone’s bad luck has to do about it…. and asked Allah that didn't I managed to properly do the assignment HE gave me?

Suddenly I realized…my anger…and asked me…why I am angry?

I like to think I am a flexible person and like to welcome uncertain things…and this exuberant…purposeful flexibility certainly does not come naturally to me!

But God is busily building it into my life.

An adventure is only an inconvenience rightly considered.
An inconvenience is an adventure wrongly considered.
-G.K. Chesterton

Note: The picture is from the balcony of my hotel room...the parrot was having a nice and calm look out for his freinds on a very chilled morning...and didn't know that someone sneeked in his privacy.

hmm....To Allah be all glory !


  1. enjoyed reading the post boss...interesting..being flexible is a gift..i was telling my frnd today, we have to embrace uncertainty and he rightly said: "By doing so uncertainty just dies." take care friend..wishes

  2. beautifully said :-). Being straightforward is always a good thing :-)

  3. I really enjoyed your Chesterton quote - he has lots - like angels/coincidences are God's way of remaining anonymous.

    Your comment on the parrot was also a delight...

    I love your delightful honest dedication to seeking Allah's will yet with your refreshing ongoing personal conversations within your self and with Him. Your discoveries are so like mine even now...only you are ahead of me :)

    And I appreciate the truth of what R. Ramesh offered as well - from his friend - that we have to embrace uncertainty and he rightly said: "By doing so uncertainty just dies."

    Looks like you are finding a lovely flexibility -especially for someone who can be quite organized. Just keep on your path...with joy and/or peace as a guide when possible...but not rigidly even that...

    I learn so much from you, Thinking...:)

  4. Like Connie I really liked your note about the parrot and the picture. Although the parrot looks quite lonely in the picture but you have given great meaning to the whole scene when you said parrot was looking for friends, the loneliness did not remain a burden anymore and it transforms into a larger picture. This is the true grit of an artist who when writes, paints or presents something it is always portrayed as the larger picture.

  5. hmm...Dear Ramesh....thanks for coming.

    Yes to kill uncertainty you need to be flexible...

    You have intellectual friends...hmm...

    I am honored that you came.

  6. Dear Raajii...thanks for coming.

    Yes being straightforward means straight and forward...which is a good thing...too....

    Well....I am glad that you got time for my blog...

  7. Thining
    A nice piece of writing, being straightforward and honest with us certainly makes life more joyful.

  8. hmmm....Dear Friend Connie....

    One thing which I always admire and sometimes makes me frustrated is HIS creating SUSPENSE in our life...

    We don't know where we are going and sometimes it is very very very unwelcomed....but...ofcourse I can't have my own way with I have to say YES to HIM...

    Pleasure is always when I reached somewhere and found out the round about ways HE took me to a certain point which was also visible that time but I never thought about it...

    Well I am a learner dear Friend...and I am still learning and will remain a learner even I grow to an old woman...only...I will a matured learner...

    Thanks alot for coming and thank you so much for your comment and giving an insight about your thoughts and learnings...

    I am honored.

  9. Dear Dar Sahib...

    Your artistic ways has find intresting evidence in my note and I am honored.

    Well...its all up to us to make a picture larger or a narrower....and our ways...always makes anything almost everything in this world pleasent....or otherwise...

    I am honored that you came...thank you so much.

  10. Dear Peerless....

    Thank you so much...for your coming.