Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Salute !

What category we put the police man into?

I mean….is he a labor…an industrialist…a businessman… a self earned man...a student…?

What category he belongs to?

On firing the KESC employees...all the labor union got into action...hmm....

They forced government to do something about it. All the newspapers were writing sympathetic notes about those fired employees....hmmm...

If…God Forbid…any labor looses his life during working in a factory or in a protest…the whole newspaper started selling the news…the news channel started a picture on his life…they telecast his whole life and labor unions haunt the industrialist to give enough funds to the deceased family so that they can start life without him.

What about a Policeman?

How we/government compensate his family for his life?

On my information...hmmm...the incentive for the shaheed family is only One Lac Fifty thousand…also Ten thousand to the Shaheed’s daughter on their marriages.

On these days…is this amount of money enough for any reasonable family to start their life?

Do the Shaheed get enough space in the newspaper?

Does any news channel invade his house to telecast his difficult life to the AWAAM?

Do we notice any news about poor Policeman child in a hospital asking for people to help him?

Does this mean….that they are so happy and contented on their job?

Does this mean that they are over fed by our government?

They have all the luxuries anyone could ask for?

Or does this mean that they are the most ignored category we have between us?

How could I ask someone to protect me when I am not giving him enough reason to do so?

How could we ask our policemen to gives us extra efficient service when we don’t even care whether their family is ok or not and how he is doing in his personal life?

We feel pity on poor…how we know that they are not the one among them?

I think our Police Department is the only Government Department where there are no Unions...either Labor or Officers.

How many of us personally know anyone belongs to the police department?

We have outcast them from general public.

And then we cry on their not being sympathetic....hmm.....

Just go through this list and I am sure your eyes will fill with tears: http://www.sindhpolice.gov.pk/martyrs_shaheed.htm

My deepest sympathy for todays' Shaheed Policemen. And condolences for their families.


  1. Thinking
    You have highlighted one of the bitter realities of our society. Policemen are the most deprived public servants. Apart from the incentives they get after shahadat or injury, there salaries are the lowest among all government departments. This is the time we should find out the root cause of the failure of police force in curbing terrorism etc. Our media should also play their role in highlighting their problems. Thanks for such a purposefull post.

  2. Oh no this post is too serious...making me sad again...ok just wanted to drop a quick hi!


  3. ...its sad thou..I ugree..every person who lays life for their country is ..Martyr and should be respected...and compensated properly!

  4. serious post boss...ya like wasim sasys..bitter n true..

  5. Dear All...

    Thanks alot for your understanding.

    Yes...the post was serious and sad too....

    I am honored.