Saturday, January 1, 2011

End of the World ! world ended yesterday.

After months and months...people were saying the end was near...

And when it finally wasn’t really all so bad.

In fact...if people had known exactly how the world was going to end....I don’t think they’d have freaked out about it so much.

Especially the guys walking around in sandwichboards...waving signs and shouting THE END OF THE WORLD IS NIGH!

With the help of the theory....they normaly preach you to give away your blah blah activities and become a good human....

When I aksed one of them...WHY?

He said....because end of the world is nigh !

When the end came...I saw one of those guys just sitting there and smiling...and was doing nothing. joined him...and we watched the world's end together.

And...soon after that....

The new one begin.

Happy 2011.


  1. Happy New Year,,Dear..have a wonderful time ahead!!

  2. Happy new year,
    and hey,I was just viewing ur blogger profile,and noticed something.
    U have written "feild" instead of field,,
    was it intentional.?

  3. PH_

    Thanks alot dear for your wishes....I am honored that you get time.


    Thank you so much. Same to you. Thanks for coming.

    Muhammad Hamza

    Thanks alot for the greetings. A Happy New Year to you too. I am honroed.

    Syeda Zehra

    My Little Friend....thanks alot. And was spelling mistake and I am glad that you point it out...hmm....

    A Very Happy New Year to you too....

    I am honored.

  4. We can look back


    can't go back