Saturday, January 1, 2011

I need a Break !

I think I need a break...hmmm....

Everything is starting to get to me.

Everyone is starting to annoy me.

The city is beginning to grate on my nerves…and I think I've just been in a city environment for way too long.

I need to go somewhere where fire trucks…ambulances and police car sirens aren't blaring every ther hour, at 3 am, 5 am, 7 am, and so on.

Where people aren't walking too slowly when you need to get somewhere in five minutes.

Where cars don't honk their horns at your car when you are calmly waiting for the signal to turn “green”.

Where plans with people…checklists at work…piles of laundry…unanswered emails…and unreturned phone calls don't continuously weigh upon you with each passing second.

I want to drop everything and go away.

A lightly-sanded beach with aqua water with nobody except someone who would bring…subway sandwich at my beck and call.

I want to breathe in air that smells like the of car exhaust and wet mud and stale Marlboro Lights.

I want to exhale and feel light and unburdened and free...hmm...

I need a break.

Or else I'll break.


  1. My dear friend Thinking...
    I can be that someone, at a lightly-sanded beach with aqua water,who can bring you sandwich.. at your beck and call :D
    Would you mind? ;-)

  2. This is the mood that brings in great transformations…

  3. ah I know how that is. Its a good time to take a break and start over :-)

    Happy new year!

  4. hii buddy..can understand yr mood yar...2010 was a bit hard on many..but hey u have sincere friends and well wishers now...just cheer up..v all can c how talented u r..buck up buddy..just like tolstoy said: if u want 2 be happy, be

  5. Do it, Thinking! And DO take Komal up on offer. Why not? You deserve this and may be part of BOTH of your destinies as writers and visionaries...

  6. go for ur hubby for that long vacation you never had, and cruise away somewhere nice..:)

    loads of love

  7. Do take a break we all need sometime or other :)

  8. Don't make publicity of the place where U wanna go otherwise, above problems would not leave you enjoy there too.

  9. One thing is for sure, Thinking doesn’t needs break from work, people or place, or she doesn't need some sort of holidays, she needs an altered mind set, some new direction, a new paradigm!

  10. A lightly-sanded beach with aqua water with nobody except someone who would bring…subway sandwich at my beck and call

    It is not the desire that can't be fulfilled, you can easily get a chance to enjoy it with a little effort.

  11. THANX SO MUCH for posting the Video, dear Thinking...awaited for EverSoLong...

    I'm thrilled to see this at last...

    And your Other Blog looks interesting as well...maybe after your break we'll find even more variety from our resident Writer who already showcases much variation without losing one iota of interest?

  12. Just take a beak friend.
    Wishing you a lovely time to unwind and come back all refreshed and renewed.

  13. hmm...Dear All....

    Thank you so much for coming and thank you so much for your comments.

    And I am so honored to read your concern and care....I am so glad to have you all.

    Thanks alot.

  14. Come to London. People usually do when they need a break but those who live here always go out of London when they need one.

  15. hmmm....Qayoom Sahib...thanks for suggestion...

    It is my dream to visit London...being the ancient city and container of historical places/buildings...I think everyone wants to visit the city.

    And yes I have heard about its small and narrow road...congested areas...hmmm....

    If you want a break anytime in your life...please come to Karachi...yeah?

    Thanks alot for visitng and joining me...I am honored.

  16. I had to stay in Karachi in 1994 when my flight back to London was cancelled. It was horribly hot in the month of March. But I know, Karachi is a wonderful place. Maybe I could come for a bit in the winter months, some day.

  17. hmm..thanks for coming back.

    You may find Karachi more pleasent if you have a good host like me to show you around...

    Due to the global warming...the Karachi also sometime around in December had the cold weather...though it was not like UK but yeah we had a bit chill too...

    I am honored that you think about our City like that....thanks !