Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lady Drivers !

When I first started driving aged 21....hmmm...

I can't remember what the cost of attaining the driving license was but I do remember spending an awful lot of time on reading the traffic/road sign book.

These days…it seems no matter you know the traffic rules or not or even you have a driver license…only you need a car to be a driver.

It’s the way it is nowadays but when it comes to a LADY driver...I don’t know why I see people scattered a smile and make faces of not approving Lady as a driver.…

I know so many lady drivers who drive extremely carefully in their tiny engine cars.

There is of course this stigma that if you're a lady driver then you're also probably a reckless one...too.

But that is something I am finding hard to agree with. Our main road known is like a race track especially in nights and drivers speed up and down like there's no tomorrow.

There are at least two major accidents a week on the stretch near where I live…caused by speeding or those who are just careless.

There is no statistical fact and certainly no particular sex group that causes these accidents...some of which are fatal.

Of course…when my mother-in-law drives her car I fear for the lives of others on the road.

I never got in the car with her because she used to frighten me with her recklessness...hitting the curb....fiddling with the radio...waving at passing motorists/cars...hmm...

And to top it all...she used to talk turning her head regularly toward her audiences whilst driving which was a reason in itself for me not to get in the car with her.

And why not…my husband...even though a good/male driver does have his moments where he is too busy waving at someone he knows that he fails to see the stationary car in front.

I wonder why people disapprove the lady drivers with the same brush for a reason.

I can bet with them if they can prove that the most reckless drivers on our roads are lady drivers...inexperience possibly playing a large part.

But when I see grown or young men driving like nutters along a single carriageway...overtaking...weaving in and in the really begs the question....

Why people disapprove Lady Drivers?


  1. in dubai lady drivers r respected better than men...just check out if u dont believe...hahha gr8 photo with the post..made me lol..

  2. In America also people make broad generalizations that women are worse drivers but the interesting fact is that young women drivers(like 18-25) have lower insurance rates than male drivers of the same age. The rate of accidents is higher among young men because they are more reckless, driving fast and taking more risks.

  3. ..In US...most of the time its lady drivers and they are more respected...
    usually oldies drive slow or confused!
    rest is fine..flaws are among men too..

  4. I think males are equally rash as females while driving but females have always been under rated in our society, so they have been stereotyped in this case too.

  5. I agree with most people young lady drivers have there insurance premium much lesser then men.. Dont know why

    I guess without being sexist i can only assume that the ladies may panic faster then men , otherwise i think both male and female are at par.. More Men drives have accidents ..


  6. Dear All....

    Thanks alot for your coming and comments.

    I am honored that you bring your own expirience and thinking on the topic and glad that you took time out for the topic.

    Thanks again !

  7. well,maybe,in Pakistan,we don't have ladies that know how to drive..!

  8. hmm...Hamza

    Thanks for coming.

    We do have in Pakistan too the Lady Drivers who know how to drive....

    May be you didn't expirience them till yet...

    Anyways...thanks for your comment...I am honored that you came.

  9. Please confirm whether all ladies are safe inside the Car ?

  10. hmm...Stranger....Funny !

    Thanks for coming...I am honored.