Sunday, January 16, 2011

My Bedroom Window

My bedroom window isn’t very big and it’s nothing fancy...hmmm...

It’s just a little bedroom window above my bed with some pretty fabric draped across the top.

But it is my bedroom window. The one my beloved husband put in just for me.

Actually this apartment…has no balcony…so this is the only way I can have a track of whatever is going on outside my apartment.

When started living in this apartment I became homesick for everything familiar that I had left behind…for the view of main road and a nearby children park from my mom’s bungalow low wall.

I had a lot to learn about life and love along with some growing up to do.

As time passed I grew fond of my own view; though I can’t see the children’s park as there aren’t any and also I can’t see all the time lively main road from my bedroom window…but it has an unique view…

This UNIQUE view consists of a bungalow’s small garden in which I see an elderly woman working on her flowers and trees.

That same bungalow has times of few visitors…mostly children…which enjoy evening in the Garden with her grandmother (I believed)…or may be aunt.

Through it I have learned to love the view from my own bedroom window more and more.

The beautiful flowers’ rows that change color with the seasons…chickens pecking in the pasture…a corner of the garden where the lady have mounted a swing.

Sometimes I see the view from my bedroom window inside my bedroom…my beloved husband working on some project…talking to his friends on phone…asking his beloved wife to give him tea… or a wife trying to clean the apartment…ironing of clothes...running to the kitchen remembering the boiling milk on stove.

As I have a love scene outside my bedroom window I see love on the inside of the bedroom window too…joy in our meals shared together…faithfulness through the laughter and the tears.

Memories built together as a family…in our little home looking out of my own bedroom window.

The view from my bedroom window is unique.

It is different from my mom’s...hmm...different from a friend’s...even...different than yours.

But it is mine…the life God has blessed me with.

It is special and exciting to see God’s hand guiding. I look forward to enjoying the ongoing view from my very own bedroom window....hmm...


  1. Just loved this post of yours and the way you paint the inside and outside world with words. It was so sweet of your husband to get this window constructed for you.

  2. aw... that is such a lovely description :-). I hope for a bedroom window like that :-)

  3. Wonderful.
    It's amazing how you shape your thoughts.
    U are lucky..>!

    Been away for days from Pc and can't wait to read more of your posts.

    And I missing u at my blog,it been long since u came and also my blog's link at your blog.?

  4. lovely post...:) i wish u both joy and happiness =)


  5. What a beautiful insight to the life thriving on either side of the bedroom window :)
    A very simple but appealing piece of writing!

  6. You make us feel as if we are looking out from the window of your Room. Wonderful post.

  7. nice,,,lovely..narration!
    its seems to be very romantic!

  8. hmm...thanks to all of you who took time to comment and read..

    I am honored.