Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Gotta sell it !

hmm…so my beloved husband again bought what I never ever bought if I had been with him on shopping today…

and I told him...

I have a rule:

The fancier the label...the amusing advertisement on television...the worse is the product.

I made this rule based on the assumption that the more a company spends on..

A) Label design…
B)Television advertisement…
C)Newspapers adds… …

the less they have left over for quality parts...ingredients...manufacturing…or anything else related to the actual product. 

Good products don't need eye-catching gimmicks or advertising to get you to buy them.

You can sell them in a brown paper wrapper if you wanted to.

rant..rant..rant…blah..blah..blah… …

that one day I will even write a book about this…’

He said…’Yeah and you should have an orgy of blood…sex…and explosions on the cover.’ ...

Me...’why would I ?  it would be a book on selecting good stuff for beloved husbands...when they go for shopping alone…’

and he declaim... ‘Hey, gotta sell it, right?’


  1. As per Human psychology, it's the presentation which attracts the buyer.
    Good stuff remain under-sold if not properly advertised. Nice labelling is another gimmick.
    The consumer has to be smart enough to avoid being trapped easily.
    May Allah protect you and your ex-beloved husband from the business crooks in the market.

  2. Thinking,

    What you say does make sense but in this cut throat competition such publicity is needed to survive.

    Take care

  3. sad but true...I see it in my kids..they fall for all the glitter

  4. its sometimes not true...all apple products have awesome packing and advertisements..their quality is beyond words...
    I love their packings,,their style n quality..all good!

  5. Dear All...

    Thank you so much for coming.

    I am honored.

  6. You're probably right. I guess we (the consumers) are paying for all that advertisement anyway.