Saturday, May 5, 2012

Broken Circle

HR always wanted to have a small circle of people around her so that she can give her full attention to those who are in her circle
so no one feel that HR is busy and is not paying attention to the relationship..hmm....

And one day someone asked HR how and from where she get the inspiration for her blog post?

And I said…it is easy…when inspiration does not come to me I go to the inspiration...I go to my mother or my beloved husband.

My inspiration was my circle…and thus I revolved around and round and in round.

There were sometimes few other things too in…siblings…colleagues…who gave me little reason to write about them…as well....(sometimes they inspired me so much that I thanked GOD so many times not to have them permanently in my life...hmm) 

But most of my writing revolved around two people.

If I started from my beloved next stop was my Mother…if I started from my next stop was beloved husband again and it was sometimes amaze me so much that how I am managing my blog to just talking about these two people all the time and had never felt chocking with same people… same stories…same life…so much in routine almost robotic.

My mother had an outstanding life story...she didn’t get hardened by the hard work she did all her life…she had a soft heart… a big heart...she had a motto…keep the stomach around you full till the throat.

My pilgrims to her were almost every day…after work…I used to spent my evenings with her…listening to her new plans about…business…in directly I went to her for the inspiration and she did inspired me.

I learned from her that we should always be fair with people and always pay our duties to the fullest no matter how people treat you.

My beloved husband has a soft...romantic… rather comical existence in my life…I treat him like a pet (I hope he don’t read that)…he inspired me too…sometimes romantically…sometimes comically.

He also has a motto....which I am still trying to have understanding with...

But inspiration from him had never completed itself unless I received the dose from my mother and same went for my mother.

So they both were inter related to each other to provide my pen (rather the key pad) the reason to think…smile…write…and share.

Mother’s passing away...broke down HR’s small circle and now she has to learn new ways to gets the inspiration…writings…sharing.

And she has to add few more stations in her life now.
Few more reason to be inspired with…
Few more people to have common goals…roads…or even common sense(which is indeed not very common) …hmm…

Any suggestions....?


  1. What about that small circle of people around you? Did they include more people?

  2. hmm...Shafique Sahib...thank you so much for coming.

    Indeed...every circle has an addition time to time...and I will try not to overlook new entries...

    Thanks once again. I am honored.

  3. di-sected view of the circle shows you like running between two points (safa and Marwa).
    "walda merhooma ki yaad" and "the sweet memories of your ex" is your treasure. Admirable of course.
    maanwa thandian chaawanh-- mothers provide cooler shades.
    May Allah get you your ex back if legally and religiously permitted.

  4. Sometimes I'm just not sure where or how I get blog inspiration. There's not much rhyme or reason to it.

    Catch My Words

  5. ya...what u say makes sense...makes me think.but my dummy head has no suggestions..cheers my dear all that i can say...

  6. Life seems to be an experience in ascending and descending. You think you're beginning to live for a single aim—for self-development, or the discovery of cosmic truths—when all you're really doing is to move from place to place as if devoted primarily to real estate.

  7. I think about so much stuff everyday I would like to write about all of it!!
    seems the more I am writing and thinking the more confused about life I am getting!

  8. Thinking,

    A very emotional post. No one can ever take place of mother. Some may come close to it but not the same. If apart from your husband, you can not let her fond memories inspire you then do read some inspirational posts here to find what you are looking for. I am sorry she is not with you but a time comes when each of us has to leave this world. May God grant eternal peace to her soul and may her blessing be with you always.

    Take care