Thursday, May 17, 2012


It would be good to know whether such thing as friendship actually exists.

hmm....I do not mean the opportunistic pleasure that two people experience in encountering each other when they think the same way about certain things at certain moments of their lives...

When they share the same tasks or the same needs.

I strongly believe...none of that is friendship.

Sometimes I almost believe it is the most powerful bond in life and consequently the rarest.

What is it’s basis?


A hollow...hmm....empty word....too weak to express the idea that in the worst times two people will stand up for each other.

 Or perhaps it’s something else….perhaps buried deep in every relationship between two people is some tiny spark of erotic attraction.

Here alone in the forest....trying to make sense of life....I thought about that now and then.

Friendship...of quite different from the affairs of those driven by morbid impulses to satisfy themselves in some fashion with others of the same sex.

The eros of friendship has no need of the body…still I am blank.


  1. perhaps it has the need of a cleansed soul

  2. Thinking,

    Read 4 pending posts now. A time comes when we all have to face realities of life and take responsibilities of life to take decisions. It is always so soothing to have advice of someone you trust but need to be on own feet is also important. And mind you her blessings will always be with you in whatever you do. Had a good laugh at the dream with doctor checking you up. Beautifully captured photographs. You have such lovely view to refresh yourself whenever little tired. There is no age or gender bar for friendship. However it depends upon two individuals as to how comfortable are they both with each other. In true friendship there are no expectation but one is always there for the other without being asked as he or she will foresee the need of other. One is really blessed if there are even a couple of true friends.

    Take care

  3. Took me along with it. Food for thought here. Appreciated the style as well as the substance.
    There should be more posts like this.

  4. Greetings,

    Thank you for this.

    Friendship is, to me, a sharing of energy. It is a foundation of life. This occurs with all life forms, with all life, and not merely among human beings.

    Sexual intercourse is one of the most concreted forms of energy exchange...two beings communicating by a deep sharing. But there are, of course, many more subtle forms of exchange/friendship.

    All good wishes,


  5. True friendship does exist. I think I would be dead without my friends... or close to it anyway.

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  7. "A friend in need is a friend indeed."

    Quality of friendship depends upon the angle of mutual sincerity and understanding between two souls.
    Quantity of unfriendly friends is waste of time.
    Just look for sincere friends.

  8. i have had friends help me for no other reason than they were my friends...i know friendships are real.

  9. Friendship is blessing..
    Well, I don't think that deep . All I know,
    peeps come and go. No problem. We need them they need us.

  10. something between souls and beyond words to comprehend perhaps?

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  12. hmm....Dear All...thank you so much for coming and reading the post...and commenting such wonderful remarks.

    I am honored.